The Fastest Gaming PC in the World! ...For now

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The fastest computer is always the fastest temporarily, then the new shiny faster part comes out at the worst time. The next day.... For now we use some super secret cooling to get our Intel i9 10900k to 5.7GHz and push as many frames as we can.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Peter Driscoll

    Peter Driscoll3 hours ago

    Meatloaf's latest. Three out of four (screws) ain't bad.

  2. Kingston Lacy

    Kingston Lacy3 hours ago

    Linus is........ Happy?

  3. Beep Beep Sheep

    Beep Beep Sheep8 hours ago

    "The problem with being fast is that you can only live in darkness" -Sonic, the fastest being in the world.

  4. Think Pickles

    Think Pickles10 hours ago

    Why didn't you wait for November 5 to use the new amd cpus.

  5. Theneonguy

    Theneonguy14 hours ago

    if only everyone had this pc....

  6. Mahmoud Kobbara

    Mahmoud Kobbara14 hours ago


  7. carlos javier

    carlos javier16 hours ago

    imagine having that PC

  8. Jordy1707

    Jordy170721 hour ago

    3090 is such a waste of money basically the same performance as 3080 for around 1000 more

  9. SoCal Enzo

    SoCal EnzoDay ago

    me looking through the comments to see a timestamp where they forgot to censor the new cooler.

  10. BD.Madogg

    BD.MadoggDay ago

    isnt ryzen 9 the fastest

  11. ju ju

    ju juDay ago

    Ay Linus I’ll give you 5 dollars for the pc

  12. Petr

    PetrDay ago

    Whats the secret component??

  13. Rogelio Delacruz

    Rogelio DelacruzDay ago

    That's my dream pc but, i can't afford to buy :(

  14. That’s Deep

    That’s DeepDay ago

    what couldnt this beast run?

  15. ToastyStrawb

    ToastyStrawbDay ago


  16. Calypsotic Gaming

    Calypsotic GamingDay ago

    11:10 is gold!!!

  17. Paulo Silva

    Paulo SilvaDay ago

    intel with nvidia? no, thanks...

  18. bred Boi

    bred BoiDay ago

    Play kerbal space program with 2000 mods.

  19. Ravinder Kumar Gurain

    Ravinder Kumar GurainDay ago

    The lean female finallly sprout because cartoon feasibly worry amidst a ready twine. guiltless, scattered barometer

  20. Serban Paul

    Serban Paul2 days ago

    BEST UNBOXER I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Thank you a lot for all info. Can you help be make a choice between Mouse gaming LOGITECH G502 HERO High Performance and Mouse Gaming Wireless RAZER Basilisk X Hyperspeed, 16000. I've purchased them both and i want to return one of them.

  21. GIDEON E

    GIDEON E2 days ago

    Imagine linus making a new video one a better computer comes out. It would be a pricey series

  22. prestonb60

    prestonb602 days ago


  23. Pedro Sequeira

    Pedro Sequeira2 days ago

    1.45 core voltage not too high? I can run my 10700k at 5.2 all cores at 1.45 but it gets toasty... 85 plus...

  24. John Pol

    John Pol2 days ago

    So quick question to anyone here, before I waste my money on a tower anyone have any tips on which gaming PC I should get tor Flight simulator 2020, without breaking the bank and I would buy it from Best Buy, or avoid Best Buy and suggest something else

  25. Reviresco2

    Reviresco22 days ago

    Got any affordable i7-7700Ks laying around I could buy?

  26. n00kidev

    n00kidev2 days ago

    i watch stuff like this to flex on myself cuz i have an 11 year old laptop

  27. George S Steinberg

    George S Steinberg2 days ago

    This comment was... 💨 Fast

  28. Katarzyna Korbel

    Katarzyna Korbel2 days ago

    Hello Linus I have a problem with my pc. Sooo when I play games like Roblox it just turns off in the middle of gaming for full details of computer just text me back. Please can you tell me what the problem might be?

  29. Katarzyna Korbel

    Katarzyna Korbel2 days ago

    This was not built by me it's a 6 year old bought computer with upgrades (the GPU)

  30. Katarzyna Korbel

    Katarzyna Korbel2 days ago

    Here are the only two components I know so far: a gtx 760 gpu and a 500w power supply

  31. Katarzyna Korbel

    Katarzyna Korbel2 days ago

    Pllzz plzz respond as u inspired me so much

  32. Ayan Tahir

    Ayan Tahir2 days ago

    linus: Makes the fstaest pc in the world Me: How to check system specs

  33. GrastTube

    GrastTube2 days ago

    aaaand, its gone...

  34. Joshua from NH gaming

    Joshua from NH gaming3 days ago

    he links the parts like anyone is to rich to buy this

  35. QueefMa Cheeks

    QueefMa Cheeks3 days ago

    *Fun Fact: RGB Strips give a 500% Boost in FPS*

  36. Garrett

    Garrett3 days ago

    Dude nice

  37. Mark Campione

    Mark Campione3 days ago

    Mines almost as good as that not trying to brag

  38. Ashraf Miah

    Ashraf Miah3 days ago


  39. Grittipas Phetratchatanon

    Grittipas Phetratchatanon3 days ago

    I will rewatch it again in the next 10 years.

  40. Toby :3

    Toby :33 days ago

    2:20 can anyone tell what that thing exactly is now?

  41. Punchline

    Punchline3 days ago

    Where is the video that is about all of these secret tunings and hardwares?

  42. Alexandre Coulombe

    Alexandre Coulombe3 days ago

    this pc did not aged well

  43. TTV B1xxch

    TTV B1xxch3 days ago

    I was thinking about getting the digital storm lynx level 3 and I don’t know if it’s good ppl are saying it’s great and others are saying that it’s overpriced and not worth it I want your opinion on it if it is bad can you recommend a better pre built I really can’t build my own I don’t know much about PC stuff

  44. MAX NOVA

    MAX NOVA3 days ago

    i want to steal it

  45. Caelebrich44 109

    Caelebrich44 1093 days ago

    "should we go fast?" best linus line ever XD

  46. Caelebrich44 109

    Caelebrich44 1093 days ago

    gotta go fast

  47. The Diamond Tortoise

    The Diamond Tortoise4 days ago

    You forgot to add pure rgb essence to make it 90% faster

  48. Anfal Muhammad

    Anfal Muhammad4 days ago

    I don't want a free pc, the custom tax here would kill me.

  49. COLD

    COLD4 days ago

    I see you out of idea see this from Walmart I have seen a lot, of gtx in your vid let’s change it up to THE AMAZING RTX

  50. Dr.QuickFix

    Dr.QuickFix4 days ago

    You Just Need to Hook Up a refridgeration system to a Computer for cooling Or build a Computer in a Mini frodge

  51. Fubuki Cat Desu

    Fubuki Cat Desu4 days ago

    when he took out the pump i was 100% sure it was a vacuum tube

  52. TomazWithNoTrain

    TomazWithNoTrain4 days ago

    Next build is gonna run 10 gigafarts

  53. Anthony Molina

    Anthony Molina5 days ago

    but can it run minecraft?

  54. trajan_x

    trajan_x5 days ago

    6:38 that’s also what she said

  55. trajan_x

    trajan_x5 days ago

    5:08 that’s what she said

  56. Haneesh kenny

    Haneesh kenny5 days ago

    Please can anyone tell me what software did linus use at 10:46

  57. rajdeep payal

    rajdeep payal5 days ago

    It's all a game to him........😕

  58. YYahyaZ

    YYahyaZ5 days ago

    i watched this while crying D:

  59. beastboy shubhu

    beastboy shubhu5 days ago

    Bro Orino x2 8 packs is the best pc in the world

  60. Alberto Rodolfo Sierra Luis

    Alberto Rodolfo Sierra Luis5 days ago

    Linus the red curse of AMD has affected your baby intel

  61. SargentMayham

    SargentMayham5 days ago

    Wow that pc is so slow.

  62. DukeriG Yi

    DukeriG Yi6 days ago

    Spanish subtitles are trash. Like... A shitty piece of garbage with... Idk. They are just so bad.

  63. Mr. Tech Vlogger

    Mr. Tech Vlogger6 days ago

    Lol! Already outdated by Ryzen 5000 series!!😆😆😂😂😂

  64. SPUDS

    SPUDS6 days ago

    Now ryzen users gonna get triggered.

  65. Caleb Downs

    Caleb Downs6 days ago

    If I get a dollar for everytime he said fast, then I could probably afford this PC ☺️

  66. Justin Clevenger

    Justin Clevenger6 days ago

    so umm when are you going to make the video about what was giving you those temps????

  67. FaZe Bolt

    FaZe Bolt6 days ago

    Get the new Alexa linus😡😡😡

  68. André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

    André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'6 days ago

    Yo whatever Scruff McDuff. What's up with the beard, mountain man? 🧔

  69. Ibinabo Aprioku

    Ibinabo Aprioku6 days ago

    Please does it mean that using a 650watt PSU for a RTX 2070 Super card will always have a power draw of 650watt? I would like to know how much power draw the system is likely to take. Thanks

  70. stanglova86

    stanglova867 days ago

    how much does this setup cost?

  71. Quinten

    Quinten7 days ago

    can i have this computer please

  72. Adrian Romine

    Adrian Romine7 days ago

    speed holes lmao

  73. Dominic Bonner

    Dominic Bonner7 days ago

    Hey Linus, I am a UK subscriber and have been watching your channel for years. I have not bought a new pc since 2008. I am planning on borrowing some money to buy a new pc as I am on disability benefits. I can probably muster around £479. Can you give me some advice on what I could buy pc wise for that? I currently play SWTOR, ESO and dark age of camelot. So a reasonably high end pc that would last me 5 years or so would be nice. This 6 core is still chugging away and it's still doing a great job but it's time to upgrade. Cheers for the advice!

  74. nasifur rahman

    nasifur rahman7 days ago

    We r poor,bruh

  75. dominic robertson

    dominic robertson7 days ago

    Yes it is peak

  76. Berserk Berserk

    Berserk Berserk7 days ago

    i think i know what that is...

  77. Spadvemmy

    Spadvemmy7 days ago

    I bought that Phanteks Case in April and I've been loving it.

  78. 3-Y Ɩןן

    3-Y Ɩןן7 days ago

  79. Samuel Valcour

    Samuel Valcour7 days ago

    This guy is like the Tai Lopez of tech tips I fucking love it; “HERE IN MY MARIO KART VR GARAGE, YEAH YWANNA KNOW THE SECRET TO GAMING KIDS?? KNOWLEDGE”

  80. Mr OOP

    Mr OOP8 days ago

    ✋ thought AMD had the best chipset currently?

  81. adewg G

    adewg G6 days ago

    look at the date this was uploaded; just before 4th gen ryzen.

  82. Kyle Morris

    Kyle Morris8 days ago

    Quantum computer has entered the chat

  83. mikaelo corpus

    mikaelo corpus8 days ago

    Can you recommend me some budget cpu with specs on it that can run fortnite smoothly?

  84. Captain Totes

    Captain Totes8 days ago

    "Now we need a fast case"

  85. Shaun Raymond

    Shaun Raymond8 days ago

    My PC isnt even that quiet when it's off.

  86. chris soto

    chris soto8 days ago

    The fastest “public” gaming PC


    JERRY DAGA8 days ago

    hey sir Linus I have a question. How to Detect and Remove Cryptoming Malware. any tips you have??

  88. Its Slaughter

    Its Slaughter8 days ago

    Isn’t the ryzen 9 better?

  89. MrPyschoX

    MrPyschoX8 days ago

    2:53 is the best moment😂

  90. THE 53414

    THE 534148 days ago

    Me getting a blue screen : Oh yeah there goes this semester. Them in ultra nightmare : Muhahahahahahaha.

  91. doogie howser

    doogie howser8 days ago

    C'mon Linus! Why did you omit the one thing that may be a deal breaker? .... BOOT/POST TIMES from button press to signon or Windows desktop. I guess cause it WOULD be a deal breaker? i would guess there's a good number of peeps who appreciate a fast post/boot. Just sayin. Thanks for the Review.

  92. Gleb Vaytman

    Gleb Vaytman8 days ago

    How many times he said fast in this video ???

  93. Grande Show

    Grande Show8 days ago

    Justin Y ur parents will live more than 100 years if u stop doing this unusual comment u think u get more subs by commenting on this thing idiot

  94. Grande Show

    Grande Show8 days ago

    what was that this that u blurring?? plz tell us

  95. HAZE

    HAZE8 days ago

    linus do you know how many people i would murder for a dell optiplex

  96. ItzVictory One

    ItzVictory One9 days ago

  97. Xandeepz

    Xandeepz9 days ago

    Linus Meth Tips

  98. Sebos80

    Sebos809 days ago

    Phanteks isss theee besstttttt

  99. TheDonOnCD YT

    TheDonOnCD YT9 days ago

    Can one of you PC building nerds educate me on why he had to Blur that specific part for the PC

  100. Kason Kellstrom

    Kason Kellstrom9 days ago

    I just wanna say thank you to everyone at Linus Tech Tips who makes this channel possible. I have been watching this channel for a good while now. Being a technician myself with many years of experience in the information technology industry I have found a lot of information from Linus Tech Tips to be very helpful and also consider this channel as a good source to help to keep up with current tech trends and changes in the industry. Thank you Linus Tech Tips!

  101. PLAYBOY GamerX

    PLAYBOY GamerX9 days ago

    I was playing gta 5 in 25fps in low setting

  102. AndersonJackies RandallFernando

    AndersonJackies RandallFernando9 days ago

    "Find how how RidgeWallet can help keep your wallet bulge down!" Well, if I were to buy this monster of a PC, I doubt that's gonna be an issue for a guy like me.


    MAX ANDREW9 days ago


  104. Lawrence Graley

    Lawrence Graley10 days ago

    The most powerful now would be 4 rtx 8000 s