NVIDIA Surrenders! Founder's Edition RTX Cards De-listed - WAN Show October 16 , 2020

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Rushil Kasetty)
00:00:00 - Intro and Topics
00:02:08 - Voice Changer
00:02:22 - Nvidia no longer selling 3000 series cards direct online
00:15:42 - GameStop/Microsoft Deal
00:29:38 - iPhone 12 (and variants)
00:33:36 - new Mario Kart and LTT video
00:37:37 - Sponsor Spot #1 (PCBWay)
00:38:38 - Sponsor Spot #2 (Pulseway)
00:39:27 - Sponsor Spot #3 (Ridgewallet)
00:40:14 - Xbox One SOC on Alibaba
00:44:52 - Redditor claims NVidia's Russia store canceled 3000 launch in favor of scalping them
00:47:15 - Carl Pei has left OnePlus
00:49:49 - DriveSavers drama update
00:57:38 - Superchats
00:57:57 - nvm, Linus applied at Amazon story
01:11:08 - back to superchats


  1. Елена Савинова

    Елена Савинова17 hours ago

    No timestamps from me today, sorry! You all have to make your own this week!

  2. tankninja1

    tankninja15 days ago

    Is Linus seriously feeling scorned about a 8 year old job application?

  3. Esmeralda Khufra

    Esmeralda Khufra7 days ago

    Linus: "There is no point buying a women clothes without her just trying it on" Yvonne be like "I'm just tired of getting Ltt merch for my birthday"

  4. TomAJeff

    TomAJeff10 days ago

    I bought a 970 blower at best buy like 5 or 6 years ago

  5. MT_Mind

    MT_Mind15 days ago

    This still bums me out. That’s THE card I wanted in my SFF computer.

  6. Volen Volen

    Volen Volen19 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks FE stands for fuck Europe? Like 499$ in US and the cheapest 3070 in Europe is like 530 euros ($600+).

  7. umeng2002

    umeng200221 day ago


  8. TRYT

    TRYT23 days ago

    56:40 Rick and Morty Interdimensional Cable.

  9. Jimmy Luringen

    Jimmy Luringen19 days ago

    I laughed so hard of that reference!

  10. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander Okonek25 days ago

    Michael O’Brien aka Timestamp guy I’m here waiting for you ❤️❤️❤️

  11. 4 4

    4 4Month ago

    what about the ARM acquisition

  12. ThatBlockyGuy

    ThatBlockyGuyMonth ago

    i wake up everyday to see the sold out button for the cards... I wanted the TUF 3080 but literally ill settle for a 3070 or even am AMD (yuk)... Nvidia literally i just want a card....

  13. Mark Malewski

    Mark MalewskiMonth ago

    NVIDIA be like... #RDNA2 #RX6900XT #AMD #WhippingUs Here is a visual: uslikes.info/house/YqWEsbl82oZ_qKo/video.html

  14. Brian Way

    Brian WayMonth ago

    I would by your LTT Booty Bombers, Linus!

  15. Máté Kovács

    Máté KovácsMonth ago

    Linus sus Idk he kinda officially shady

  16. Pixl

    PixlMonth ago

    Amazon. Sucks don't do it nooo

  17. S1m0ne

    S1m0neMonth ago

    I'm still running a Lumia 950. Yeah yeah, talk it up, but I've tried switching phones and nobody can provide any kind of comparable platform. Also, MS would make the deal with GameStop because it gives them a substitute "Microsoft Store" physical presence as they close all their physical Microsoft stores. I imagine if the partnership is successful they'll expand it to include other MS products and not just games. I'm almost sure you'll be able to get Surface products at GameStop right from the start.

  18. BC-MasterKush-QC

    BC-MasterKush-QCMonth ago

    AMD Lisa Sue AMD Lisa Sue AMD Lisa Sue AMD Lisa Sue AMD for the win, to Nvidia and Intel wtf are you doing lol!

  19. James Oke

    James OkeMonth ago

    @Linus - Remember.. Happy Wife, Happy Life...

  20. AlphaJon 81

    AlphaJon 81Month ago

    I think that the Founders Edition branding was introduced with the Pascal 10-series.

  21. theandroids

    theandroidsMonth ago


  22. ArduinoBen

    ArduinoBenMonth ago

    30:30 BIRD SO COOT

  23. Dani Elefteriadis

    Dani ElefteriadisMonth ago

    56:40 Wait... is that a flipping Homestuck reference? POGGERS! :D

  24. Andrek

    AndrekMonth ago

    the wank show

  25. Dudeomfgstfux

    DudeomfgstfuxMonth ago

    36:15 A Candian looking at an American's question with confusion, as its common sense... it's not for us 🥺🥺🥺

  26. impendio

    impendioMonth ago

    The data savers thing was so stupid and you shouldnt have to take any part or responsibility over it. If ipad rehab wants to sue data savers they are perfectly capable of doing so, coming to whine and bitch to you is fucking immature...

  27. Dominik Ruoff

    Dominik RuoffMonth ago

    Luke saying "sorry, I forgot on my standard thing" in the end is hilarious. Because his standard thing in the end is more like totally derping the end and saying bye way to late, when linus would have wanted to end the streams for 10 seconds hahaha.


    TIMMY JUPITERMonth ago

    Nvidia would do just fine boycotting you guys. Look to Linus Tech Tips page, videos tab, just look at the thumbnails...... oh and AMD would do fine hiring these guys.. again refer to Linus Tech Tips page, videos tab, just look at the thumbnails... You guys got the gull to talk about other companies ethics, this is all very laughable.

  29. Manny

    MannyMonth ago

    @TIMMY JUPITER so I'm gonna take a leap here and use my imagination and some logic..so my best guess to what you mean is you have limited data and thus are upset by thumbnails and "click bait" thus using up your limited data. is that what you meant? on a scale of 1-10 of bad ethics that's like a .01


    TIMMY JUPITERMonth ago

    @Manny Or 3rd world big problems for $200

  31. Manny

    MannyMonth ago

    oh no the thumbnails. think of the children I'll take 1st world petty problems for $100 Alex

  32. Im1CrazyCow

    Im1CrazyCowMonth ago

    Brett @ UFD TECH is Loosing 2 Employees He had Move up to FL from South Africa & Now they have to Go back To South Africa BC UFD Tech Channel cant get Their VISA's !!! SO 2 Add Insult to Injury LTT/LMG is the reason they Lost the UFD Store ........ Dam that is just CRUEL LINUS !!! Cow}:-o)

  33. Jonathon Yates

    Jonathon YatesMonth ago

    In regards to sweatpants, you guys should look at Public Rec's stuff. They're both stylish and comfy as shit (not that you'll read this).

  34. EM GEE

    EM GEEMonth ago

    regarding the xbox1 soc - industrial or defense applications on places where such things are hard to come by?

  35. urjuhh

    urjuhhMonth ago

    Whaddayamean: mid-thirties and no minecraft... My mid-thirties ( or even the latter half ) was the best time for minecraft :-P

  36. 23Brodieman

    23BrodiemanMonth ago

    took me 30 minutes to notice there was a birb haha

  37. David

    DavidMonth ago

    Now they just have to figure out how to get people to want to buy something from GameStop.

  38. Jakob Armstrong

    Jakob ArmstrongMonth ago

    I want joggers dammit

  39. Bug Features

    Bug FeaturesMonth ago

    he should have started reading the russian article with Tovarishch

  40. Pedro Melo

    Pedro MeloMonth ago

    LTT D2!!!!!!!

  41. Table

    TableMonth ago

    The bird but lands on his shoulder

  42. Table

    TableMonth ago

    In the uk we buy our games from the supermarket

  43. Brakiri

    BrakiriMonth ago

    So in essence Jim was right with his prophecy that nvidia will sell a few thousand cards and then let the AIBs deal with the enormous cooler costs.

  44. DysphoricSmile

    DysphoricSmileMonth ago

    42:32 *FFS GUYS LOOK UP SPECS! Xbox One S USES DDR3 RAM!!!*

  45. DysphoricSmile

    DysphoricSmileMonth ago

    40:55 Xbox One S uses DDR3 REGULAR RAM! 4 channel tho!

  46. DysphoricSmile

    DysphoricSmileMonth ago

    13:30 *Are you friggin JOKING? The Founders RTX 3080 runs LOUDER AND HOTTER AND SLOWER than the $700 Asus TUF RTX 3080! It even OCs BETTER!* Why the HELL anyone would want founders over that, other than size, - I do not understand! RTX 3080 Founders is FAR SMALLER than RTX 3090 - meanwhile the 3080 and 3090 AIB models ALL use the same cooler as each other! Also those angular fins on Founders get HOT and do not do much for cooling, wasted cooler space without airflow.

  47. psydafke

    psydafkeMonth ago

    about the pants, make it: LTT.bum

  48. NeoRocket001

    NeoRocket001Month ago

    Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop the Donald Duck voice. Can't understand shit in that voice plus it's irritating. It's not as funny as aynone under 12 thinks it is.

  49. Mayhemkiller200

    Mayhemkiller200Month ago

    I actually had an amazon recruiter message me on LinkedIn and got through to the first stage interview (was like the 3rd stage in the process) with them but tanked it

  50. TheBonerJamz03

    TheBonerJamz03Month ago

    best ending ever!

  51. Don Higinson

    Don HiginsonMonth ago

    Definitely NOT priced higher for reference cards. I have never seen one be more. Third party vendors charge 50 to 100 plus dollars for some lights and a fan. Shits not even worth it. IMO reference cards always look better to begin with

  52. deep hazarika

    deep hazarikaMonth ago

    wait, you guys still go to stores?

  53. deep hazarika

    deep hazarikaMonth ago

    game stop should not go out of business, because remember they provide essential service to us.

  54. David

    DavidMonth ago

    Day 115 of asking for a PC thanks 😁👍

  55. Daniel M

    Daniel MMonth ago

    It’s pretty funny seeing a person who is wealthy be so fugal about clothes shopping. On the other hand it’s a good thing. It’s funny how wealthy people eventually come to the realization that their time is worth more then just seeking out the absolute best deal always.

  56. harry udale

    harry udaleMonth ago

    USlikes - why did this video appear in another accounts uploads???

  57. Mitchell Sichter

    Mitchell SichterMonth ago

    Soooo, when did you guys talk about the AMD 5000 series chips boosting to nearly 6Ghz after OC? Y'all mentioned it at the start but never got to it.

  58. Rholon B

    Rholon BMonth ago

    Really do you have to interrupt his story each time. Linus totally lost train of thought.

  59. mark burban

    mark burbanMonth ago

    Looking at the live chat i really hope you banned all those MORON2020 posters.

  60. Seba Segovia

    Seba SegoviaMonth ago

    come-m-f-ing on!!! you can't do that for her bd present xD hahaha (the home effort sounds really nice thou ^^)

  61. Roset03

    Roset03Month ago

    Linus, do you think if you casually applied to Amazon again with a slightly updated resume-not overstating who you were-do you think you would get a response?

  62. SummerWizz1

    SummerWizz1Month ago

    You know what I love about sponsors? If the company is a piece of shit, the shit will float. DriveSavers advertised on Linus' channel, and that's the only reason I knew of them. Thought they were magicians. But as we've all come to learn, AVOID DRIVESAVERS! hahahah oh how the turn tables.

  63. Morten Busch Nedergaard Paulsen

    Morten Busch Nedergaard PaulsenMonth ago

    What unpaid vacation is calling in sick? Wtf i got Full Pay While sick..

  64. Asim Chaudhry

    Asim ChaudhryMonth ago

    Wan show should have its own channel. It's definitely earnt it. Been a fan since the first episode.

  65. JavierTMT

    JavierTMTMonth ago

    I set all my social media to private where only friends of me can see anything.

  66. Robert T

    Robert TMonth ago

    Clearly Linus and Luke didn't actually watch the iPhone release or read much about how MagSafe works. They aren't expecting to be face down.

  67. Isaac Chapman

    Isaac ChapmanMonth ago

    Tired of hearing how it's "unfair" for companies to not do what some pleb thinks they should do. They design the cards, they can hold on to the knowledge as long as they want before looping in the 3rd party makers.

  68. Famus Jamus

    Famus JamusMonth ago

    Regarding Microsoft keeping Gamespot alive, I can see them selling a larger share of tat than games in physical shops. Collector's Editions, expanded universe books for Halo, -action figures- statuettes, posters, t-shirts, LTT Store sweatbands, LTT Store water bottles... that kind of thing.


    REMZO GAME RUSHMonth ago

    Dear Linus, iam from indonesia and i was 10 years old, maybe you dont see this because iam just a normal subscriber but if you see this i very want an gaming pc because my parent cant buy me a pc sparepart, My house: palembang-jepang'st-villa gardena 3-house number c25

  70. MacKenzie Shirk

    MacKenzie ShirkMonth ago

    So what actually happened with Luke, why isnt he doing LTT stuff anymore?

  71. deek the pict

    deek the pictMonth ago

    nvidia are teasing us, still buying that ati

  72. motorbasje

    motorbasjeMonth ago

    Put the merch video/vlog on LinusCatTips! #bringbackLCT

  73. Dan Phillips

    Dan PhillipsMonth ago

    It's just cheap retail marketing for MS, without needing to have their own stores.

  74. Lukaroast

    LukaroastMonth ago

    YESSS!!!! you know how long ive been asking you about the joggers, the late night anno streams and all

  75. Luke McDougald

    Luke McDougaldMonth ago

    Really frustrated no one realized Xbox One S uses DDR3 lmao

  76. Martin

    MartinMonth ago

    Joggers are shoes, what are you guys talking about 😂

  77. Kyle Manderfield

    Kyle ManderfieldMonth ago

    I'd buy those sweats with LTT across the but lol

  78. Sotzrem

    SotzremMonth ago

    As a Women, I would buy them!

  79. Nate in the North

    Nate in the NorthMonth ago

    I was briefly a spec ed bus monitor. My phone fell on the ground screen down, we accelerated and it slid across the floor. Oof. So scratched.

  80. Benoit Lévesque

    Benoit LévesqueMonth ago

    Well the Titan cards were technically Founder edition (only reference design)

  81. Jheronimus

    JheronimusMonth ago

    Did anybody else notice that Nvidia made no reference(no pun intended) to the 3070 launch or sales....only that they very specifically will not be selling 3080 or 3090 cards on their website...always Linus mentions people not being able to walk into a BestBuy to purchase one. My understanding is that so far...noone can. the sales of 3000 series card are ONLY done ONLINE according to their website. Just some things I noticed and thought to mention

  82. Enkidu Kyrielight

    Enkidu KyrielightMonth ago

    Pls do a new review of the odyssey g9 if its okay to buy or not now

  83. orangeapples

    orangeapplesMonth ago

    Man, I haven't watched wan show in a long time (listen on a podcast app). *looks at live chat that's a lot of spam.


    VIDEO BOOKSMonth ago

    It's nice to finally tune in and not see two confused people akwardly trying to get a smooth streaming process lmao

  85. James Word

    James WordMonth ago

    What! At the mall.. hella stores to walk into, and yes she goes to Victoria secret , I visit gamestop. Win win when that happens again. More then black Friday. It's open every day. Lol.

  86. James Word

    James WordMonth ago

    Probably go there, before the movies again. Lol

  87. Kayden

    KaydenMonth ago

    I want the joggers!

  88. Tim Jb

    Tim JbMonth ago

    Best Buy Sucks plain and simple

  89. scorpion07070

    scorpion07070Month ago

    Or course Trump supporters spammed the chat... because they have no sense of decency, what's appropriate, or that this is a canadian channel. Good job. Bot accounts blocked: BitBoss 0xc1d3 Adam Russell Aidan Dunnahoo Alex Trebek Anaos Article 13 Brandon B Broaster Oven Camden Capochiano camshaft700r CapncrunchandOrangejuice Cat Christ Charles Thibault Chef Anthony Child Of God Cx Xx Damien Singer Darkseid DB Dcool Deadheads DebBoi Derick Speed Despiser Despised DontWorryBeHappy E Edinson Sanchez Ethan Pitzaferro Fernando Zuñiga Frank Rossi gabriel loresto Gaming Tube GD Plays Harlock hdthemc Hell Fired Hexacorn hexecuted Houdini_ Plays IcyBloxx Int 0x80 iPlayGames YT Ivan jacob Bendah Jacob Hathcock Jaxs Jay Aiello Jaylo Jc Ruibal Jon Clark Jon V Joseph McLane Joshua Wells Justin Suess K1NGred Ken K Kevin Khalifa_K Kyler linus drop tips Low Ryder machoalright Maps Of Being Mark Baker marz kenz Mast3rBlast3r01 Master Zerg MasterMartin68 Matt Smith mclaren1231000 metalpreacher 02 Michael James MilkyWilson MittenState Mr PeliCan Mr. Alfred Tickles Mr. Derek nazrinz Orjan13 Owen Hildebrand Paris Moore PBCoder Phillip Vuong R0de0 Raphael Coelho Ray Dosson rbrown1230 Ryan Sannanymous Scorpion Sebasgl1 Senpai Cizy ShiroNekoP Sho3a3 simersam2004 Spiky Team SR_O Sulucion 6Tone SweetShoxxx Synth Lord Tanos That’s Cynical Tio Dave Tom Tom Tristan MacInnes Troller Gain TwizzyTwist UnitedWolvesNation Vato03 Vigorousjoe Walker Jennings warlokas Whizadree Xantherix Xidis You Do Not Know Me Ψ Воинomme

  90. The Bowen

    The BowenMonth ago

    Doesn’t Sony pay Microsoft to use their cloud infrastructure? So even if Sony goes into the same deal with GameStop, Microsoft is making money off Sony from selling cloud, which covers the cost to GameStop. While Sony would end up paying both GameStop and Microsoft, this doubling the drain on their profits, as Microsoft either breaks even or makes a profit.

  91. paul robert Smith

    paul robert SmithMonth ago

    linus practises and wins the competition and doesn't have to give ONE day off . . .grumpy linusmedia group employees think sod it and atleast half staff take there turns calling in for ONE day off SICK DAY LOL . . . .lanus competitive side costs him loads off days off . . . .Lesson learnt for Linus . . .just occasionally let your employed under him have the occasional small win and keep up moral and LOYALTY !

  92. paul robert Smith

    paul robert SmithMonth ago

    these xbox one s motherboards where probably what they sent to the game developers for real situation testing and playing before any finished first of production line consoles wherer finished ,think about it. . . .how many years ago was that model consol released and what was the RAM spec of that TIME ??? . . . . . . .DDR3 !!!! and there is your answer . . . .fast forward to the present day the manufacturer is sat on stock left over of the chips for them he wants to sell of and comes up with the easy answer . . .pull out the fixtures and gigs and dust them of from them there days ago and put them all together and knock them out to any niece market takers QUICK . . . .SOLD thankyou vary much.

  93. Kavorka Designs

    Kavorka DesignsMonth ago

    If you can't take care of the chat spammers better, than I'll follow another channel!..

  94. Alex Kramer

    Alex KramerMonth ago

    Linus is shady confirmed

  95. Musti505

    Musti505Month ago

    With regards to the soldered on Xbox One SOC, remember the OG Xbox One used DDR3 RAM, so it stands to reason that this SOC has DDR3 support so it makes sense that this motherboard would use DDR3

  96. I Yago I

    I Yago IMonth ago

    You're so right, gamestops and malls are free billboards

  97. Drexx Laggui

    Drexx LagguiMonth ago

    @Linus & @Luke: regarding what Jessica and claims of work techniques & proprietary information... in civil court cases, only a preponderance of evidence is required to prove a case. If there are *enough* circumstancial evidence that points to the same logical conclusion, then one party's claim maybe accepted as true. This is just an academic comment here, and not in anyway promoting one's side of the story or the other.

  98. John Doe

    John DoeMonth ago

    Iirc nvidia also bins the best chips for the FE cards so if you're planning to watercool and want maximum performance an FE card is better

  99. The Great Hadoken

    The Great HadokenMonth ago

    I clicked on the Microsoft/Gamestop partition to hear about the minutae of that particular deal, instead I get to hear about how cool Atmosphere is, Linus's wife's birthday woes and sweatpants.

  100. Saki630

    Saki630Month ago

    Linus letting us know he likes big booties when he puts LTT on all the Thots that plague sexual media.

  101. Peter vd

    Peter vdMonth ago

    Twisty ending

  102. Neal Engelbrecht

    Neal EngelbrechtMonth ago

    It’s just called two brothers 😂

  103. Tv Gaming_YT

    Tv Gaming_YTMonth ago


  104. Bloodstainer

    BloodstainerMonth ago

    Regarding the gamestop deal.. Do you still think people go to the store to buy consoles? Everyone at this point must be able to buy it online, right?

  105. Bloodstainer

    BloodstainerMonth ago

    I think Nvidia should have done both, honestly. Make a reference, blower style, cheaper GPU like they traditionally make. So their partners don't need to spec the low ends. And then just let their partners sell founders edition directly for the set price.