Series X vs. Xbox One - What's the Difference??

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Linus + James play some backward compatible games on the Xbox One X and the Series X to see how the new console makes the games look better, run smoother, and load faster. Plus the new Quick Resume feature which is surprisingly cool!
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. hawk a fat loogi

    hawk a fat loogi4 hours ago

    I'm sitting here on my og xbox 1, having only upgraded like 5 years ago. I would up grade, but the only ones in stock are the scalpers

  2. Chubbzo

    Chubbzo6 hours ago

    you are behind updates in Xbox becuase the the Xbox should have a round design

  3. Bruh moment 777

    Bruh moment 77710 hours ago

    Wtf is variable refresh rate?!

  4. a mattei

    a matteiDay ago

    do you realize we are not all internet famous reviewers or rich and famous Hollywood stars and most of us wont get a series x but maybe until next year because of the scalpers bots shortage and of course the lack of care of Microsoft?

  5. Ali Majaz

    Ali MajazDay ago

    3:28 you had one job !

  6. Fancylettuce315

    Fancylettuce315Day ago

    Both the same to me all i see is how can we get people to spend money

  7. Christian Janeski

    Christian JaneskiDay ago

    Are you able to use a third party external storage component on the new Xbox series x/s?

  8. Il UZI ll

    Il UZI ll2 days ago

    Linus keeps demoralizing my choice to buy an Xbox One X 😤😤😖😖😖

  9. marty8370

    marty83702 days ago


  10. ariel estrada

    ariel estrada2 days ago

    i have learned the ability to skip sponsors before he even says a word about it

  11. shane bauer

    shane bauer2 days ago

    Just grab the one x off eBay for $150 and wait a year-yr and a half for some decent new games and all the major bugs to be worked out of the new XaFlop🤣🤣🤣

  12. T. Garcia

    T. Garcia3 days ago

    I would love to replay all the games I have already beaten... but not for $500 dude lol. Nah, my Project Scorpio is where I am at right now. Native 4k with directly wired ethernet? My friends and I are sitting just nicely hehe. Maybe next year when they, after hurting from the Pandemic, offer the top notch for sub $500...

  13. Wilson Padilla

    Wilson Padilla3 days ago


  14. Afungusamongus9

    Afungusamongus94 days ago

    Close the blinds!!

  15. NBA MixDocs

    NBA MixDocs4 days ago

    This comparison needs an update after learning how much longer sony had dev kits out than microsoft

  16. Omkaar Deepak

    Omkaar Deepak4 days ago

    There is no point getting Xbox as it has no good exclusives

  17. Fred C

    Fred C2 days ago

    Gears of war......

  18. Rowdy Shere

    Rowdy Shere4 days ago

    Bruh when u notice the next gen consoles just have better better and that’s literally it

  19. Ant XV

    Ant XV5 days ago

    Lol just 630 gamerscore

  20. ImPoopnRightNow

    ImPoopnRightNow5 days ago

    If you wouldn't stand directly in front of both TVs, and the camera guy didn't just film you on the couch, we could actually see it for ourselves!

  21. Victor Mendoza

    Victor Mendoza6 days ago

    I don't always have your mom in the same room with another mom, but when I do...

  22. Rick Malone

    Rick Malone7 days ago

    Hearing Linus say it's better than a PC in ANY way, you know it's an amazing machine!

  23. Charle Stew

    Charle Stew8 days ago

    These new console are not next gen by any means

  24. urban sk8r

    urban sk8r8 days ago

    The reason i'll wait for xbox series x is because I want a special edition version of the series x. Based on previous consoles those special editions usually come out 6months to a yr or so. Also you get way better value for money if you wait. The price would of dropped or they may release a package with console an few games. I can wait till they make series x games because i havent gotten sick of the previous console yet.

  25. faint pale

    faint pale8 days ago

    play league

  26. Michael Haze

    Michael Haze8 days ago

    I don’t understand I thought we’ve heard nothing but it’s the same picture quality right now as the Xbox one X? Especially just a standing image with no movement in the game? They are both running at 4K

  27. Bliss Starzy

    Bliss Starzy9 days ago

    What I can see is the reflection of your stupid blinds on the TV the whole time.

  28. Dhiraj Kachinthaya

    Dhiraj Kachinthaya9 days ago

    actually i am waiting for the ps5 than the xbox

  29. Scott Butler

    Scott Butler10 days ago

    To me, there's not a big difference between them, you have to really study the games up close to notice all that much. As a gamer and game developer for the past 30+ years, I remember when one generation to the next was so huge that they didn't even feel like the games were in the same era, anyone else remember those huge jumps? Think for example NES to SNES, PS One to PS2 or Sega Saturn to Dreamcast.

  30. OgGuak420

    OgGuak42010 days ago

    Microsoft Series V/R WILL BE AMAZING MARK MY WORDS 2024

  31. OgGuak420

    OgGuak42010 days ago

    The Xbox series x is for the people who still have the original Xbox one and people switching from ps4 . Us Xbox one X and S owners will skip the series X and S most likely.. till the series Y and Z of course ( Microsoft VR)

  32. OgGuak420

    OgGuak42010 days ago

    I have the Xbox X Scorpio and have had a 4K tv last couple years.. ima just wait for the Series Z next year!!!

  33. Narsi Reddy A

    Narsi Reddy A10 days ago

    Who dosent care about xbox

  34. GreenMachine

    GreenMachine11 days ago

    When can we plug in external graphics card into Xbox?

  35. Jason Poole

    Jason Poole12 days ago

    Now if only I could get one and do you think you could water cool or even sub zero cool the new Xbox?

  36. wizardwithguns

    wizardwithguns12 days ago

    What's the price difference between the two?

  37. hassan sharqawi

    hassan sharqawi13 days ago

    the deference only speed

  38. b5wLOl7rReesePeace MaybeNot

    b5wLOl7rReesePeace MaybeNot13 days ago

    So it looks like I have no reason to upgrade until they stop making One X games...?

  39. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams13 days ago

    What HDMI cord should I get so I can actually get 4k 120 FPS HDR???

  40. Bookybapoco

    Bookybapoco14 days ago

    I have more xbox points/coins then you linus

  41. Joey a.k.a Mrcarrethead

    Joey a.k.a Mrcarrethead15 days ago

    where is micro centre in Canada ?

  42. Luis M

    Luis M15 days ago

    for anyone with a gaming PC is there even a point to owning the Series X...

  43. Blackfyre

    Blackfyre15 days ago

    God they have the worst names lol

  44. Bobbi and Brooklyn

    Bobbi and Brooklyn15 days ago

    Fusion Frenzy gonna look bad ass! 😙

  45. Fanciful Bubbles

    Fanciful Bubbles16 days ago

    6:16 I'm Enjoying these subtle flexes!

  46. Drummer 75

    Drummer 7516 days ago

    Paying over $500 to play old games with slightly better performance, and looks. Uhhh NO!! Give it a year or so then drop some cash. My One X is just fine, even the Pro has the most beautiful exclusives ever made!! The PS5 will NOT make a huge impact on Uncharted 4, Legacy, God Of War etc. And on my X I only play 3rd party titles anyway. So why would I want another one. I don't get peoples logic. Want 60fps, get a gaming pc for cheap. I have one but rarely use it, simply because i don't care. And DOOM is one of the best optimized last/current gen games ever. Also it looks AWESOME on the One X, get your eyes examined dude. Also if you're waiting for it to load, get up off your ass and go pee. Or make a hoagie. ha!!

  47. Nick Howard

    Nick Howard16 days ago

    are y'all seriously filming the screen on a tech channel? My grandma could make a better video lmao

  48. Nick Howard

    Nick Howard16 days ago

    not enough imo

  49. Nintendo Convert

    Nintendo Convert16 days ago

    Pretty sure the hair artifacts on Series X around 7:20 was the TV’s smooth motion feature at work by inserting frames when the game is less than 60FPS. My Sony TV does this when Motion is set to Smooth.

  50. Nigel Wade

    Nigel Wade16 days ago

    I just store the current series enhanced games I'm playing on the internal and the standard games I dont play on the external and swap them when needed as its only less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea lol

  51. Nigel Wade

    Nigel Wade16 days ago

    I have an external Samsung t1 ssd and that cost me about £100 and I transferred destiny 2 at 100gig from that ssd to the internal ssd on the xbox took under 3 minutes so there are always cheaper and more viable options for storage.

  52. Nate No

    Nate No16 days ago

    I only came here to say those fingerprints on the Xbox really disturbed me.

  53. Trevor Costello

    Trevor Costello17 days ago

    Just watching Sony and Xbox market the Next gen is hilarious you can’t even buy one with put paying $1300 or fighting a bunch of wackos in store for 2 consoles 😂 chillen till 2021

  54. ddp7028

    ddp702817 days ago

    Ps5 is gonna have more games I’ll keep my old Xbox for old games ha

  55. Froyo

    Froyo17 days ago

    I love how everyone is comparing series x and one x when I still am using my original Xbox one

  56. CrazyInWeston

    CrazyInWeston17 days ago

    IKR I'm playing Valhalla on my 6yr old x1 and I dont even think the loading times are that bad (Game is installed to an external HD as well.)

  57. Kick Starter

    Kick Starter17 days ago

    nowhere near as cool as

  58. Daniel XD

    Daniel XD17 days ago

    I have the first generation Xbox one, and after I turn it on after hours without playing it will quick resume the game I was playing, but it depends if the game lets a quick resume

  59. Mr. 2cents.

    Mr. 2cents.18 days ago

    When I got the One X, I replayed Dead Space 1&2 and wow I could see the dust particles. Even USlikes looks better on the One X.

  60. CrazyInWeston

    CrazyInWeston17 days ago

    Love DS1 and 2, you fo' real with the extra shit can see on the One X? (You mention dust) Cos I dont believe the One X would improve on what the original Xbox One would do as its a 360 game and I've replayed on the OG One. It still looks good though.

  61. Andrew Hampton

    Andrew Hampton18 days ago

    I’m using my Xbox One X on a 144Frame per second gaming monitor and my Xbox One X has a setting that lets me play at 120fps and I don’t like 4K. It looks so damn perfect on my monitor and I think it’s better than the Xbox series X

  62. CaYlYa

    CaYlYa18 days ago

    It’s kinda confusing me with the name

  63. ReinierAEG

    ReinierAEG18 days ago

    should i buy a ps5 or a game pc? i realy dont know anymore

  64. Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen18 days ago

    I loaded up titanfall 2 on my series x and omg. Looked and played absolutely amazing! Huge difference over the one x. Cause I have one of those too 🙂

  65. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez18 days ago

    I think Final Fantasy didn't look good because Square Enix has to make an update raising optimization settings for the series X. I'm sure it will look way better after that.

  66. Umer Sial

    Umer Sial18 days ago

    Xbox in 2027: introducing the xbox type x and type s

  67. Mr renders

    Mr renders19 days ago

    Linus: the one x looks so bad Me watching on my og xbox one mmmm yes it does

  68. FRANCO

    FRANCO19 days ago

    How did you guys make Joaquin Phoenix be in this video?

  69. Peculiar FX

    Peculiar FX19 days ago

    The Xbox series x is just basically a crappy PC a PS5 is like an actual console and has exclusives that are worth playing and can only be found on the PS5

  70. Obelous

    Obelous19 days ago

    linus:wow this looks like dog crap its like not even smooth. is this even 4k? me watching on the same tv from 2012:

  71. Heber Lara

    Heber Lara19 days ago

    That jump on the couch seemed a bit uncomfortable lol great video btw!

  72. SaucyBegger25

    SaucyBegger2519 days ago

    I always turn my xbox off fully. Don’t like to use the instant on as I don’t use the console enough to justify the feature. But when I do use the console Jesus it takes about 3 minutes to boot prob longer 🙄

  73. tankman232

    tankman23219 days ago

    ive got a 5tb external drive on my xbox one s. have around 125 games installed and am sitting around 50%. storage will make or break the next gen consoles. can anyone clarify how external drives will function on the series x/s? is it storage only for next gen games, but last gen games are playable off the external?

  74. Perry

    Perry19 days ago

    How many cans can I fit in that mini fridge?

  75. Justin Stevens

    Justin Stevens19 days ago

    Loved the compraison review..!!

  76. William Steed

    William Steed19 days ago

    It might just be me but the finger prints on the Xbox in the thumbnail made me cringe

  77. Joey Joe

    Joey Joe19 days ago

    can you do this test after changing the xbox one x hard drive to a ssd ?

  78. BB

    BB20 days ago

    Whenever I see this guy on USlikes, I think to myself: keep this guy away from kids. Thank you.

  79. Dan6erbond

    Dan6erbond19 days ago

    He has two of them.

  80. Mod Nagant

    Mod Nagant20 days ago

    Omg those couches are horrendous. 1995 coke dealer chíc

  81. Jacob Hayes

    Jacob Hayes20 days ago

    The intro sponsor slot is always perfectly aligned with reaction time to skip past it to the video. The attention to detail is truly amazing

  82. jarrett maltry

    jarrett maltry20 days ago

    Xbox series X and PS5 games can’t be played from external drives, only games from previous console generations can do that. Hopefully this saves some headaches

  83. Joel

    Joel20 days ago

    Load times test is useless when you have to do a 20 minute update every time you go to play the game. 😐

  84. CrazyInWeston

    CrazyInWeston17 days ago

    background updates while console is off is a feature of the xbox one. I'm sure series x can do same thing.

  85. Joel

    Joel20 days ago

    It's 2020 and the next generation of consoles still deliver a shitty FPS experience using controllers. The Dreamcast had a mouse and keyboard for their FPS games back in 1999. 🤔

  86. Shakur Ford

    Shakur Ford20 days ago

    I think the one x graphics still look nice sharp and colorful you y’all just dragging the series x

  87. Garantadong pulis 0711

    Garantadong pulis 071120 days ago

    Guy:It doesnt habe a tons of launch games. well said.

  88. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman Baksh21 day ago

    I used an Xbox One for like a week and then returned it. If I wind up getting the Series X, I might keep it!


    NV_MICHDAROCK21 day ago

    Can you be logged on 1 accounts on both xbox

  90. Look at bron man

    Look at bron man21 day ago

    short answer- nothing

  91. AdiDasler

    AdiDasler21 day ago

    do you get an online browser like Chrome or IExplorer on the Series X/PS5

  92. Jerry 3.0

    Jerry 3.022 days ago

    Excuse me but How do you put the series x into audio only

  93. Jerry 3.0

    Jerry 3.022 days ago


  94. oo ze

    oo ze22 days ago

    is this a joke? the xbox x screen looks like dog shit

  95. chocourrier

    chocourrier22 days ago

    The difference? The new Xbox Series X can have a ping pong ball levitate on top of it ;-)

  96. dylan a villain

    dylan a villain22 days ago

    Their both same

  97. Singeru

    Singeru22 days ago

    9:20 Why are their lips PINK??????

  98. Computer Lawyer

    Computer Lawyer22 days ago

    Linus buddy your forgot to mention the specs are exactly the same, so buy a PC.

  99. Владимир Володько

    Владимир Володько22 days ago

    я ниче не понял что чирикает этот валянок так что обяьсните тут в чем там разница то епте

  100. eveque

    eveque22 days ago

    You really don't have to sell the Xbox series X by bashing the previous generation.

  101. Hunter Hardy

    Hunter Hardy23 days ago

    Go to your nearest Costco and spend 99 bucks on 8 TB Seagate External hard drive

  102. Chris Maikoski

    Chris Maikoski23 days ago

    I want the Series X console, but I can't justify the purchase while I have my One X.

  103. Shane Matranga

    Shane Matranga23 days ago

    Zero difference in gameplay and graphics


    LYNAY LGWAYH23 days ago

    xbox 2027: Xbox One Xeries XxX^x can i be honest? really you are satisfied? its like comparing a 2020 build with a similar budget in 2013. to be honest, i dont get how ps4 as xbox are able to make consoles with parts that if you were to put in a pc would cost more than the console. for example xbox series x (again stupid name) apparently can be compared with rtx 2070-2080, and thats just the gpu part, and already we are seeing an xbox that should cost a couple 100 more dollars. the same is going on with ps5. are we getting the stick or are these consoles making in the losses otherwere? in order to be able to compete with pc it has to give way more performance pr $ than pc.. edit: yes i cant share my enthuse enough over the fact that this spec is what will stick/define gaming the next 6-7 yrs. in 2013 i really and i mean really wanted 2020 to be the time where games and physic engines combined with graphics really and i mean really took off. and i know now that games wont be that much more different... i just hoped for a leap in tech i guess..

  105. Jay Patel

    Jay Patel23 days ago

    i spent 500 dollars on the one x what a rip-off

  106. HabbadabaOg

    HabbadabaOg23 days ago

    It’s cause final fantasy is trash