This is the FASTEST Server I've Ever Touched... HOLY $H!T

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Liqid said they had something crazy to send us. I wasn't expecting this.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Jonathan Katz

    Jonathan Katz19 hours ago

    Once upon a time I inherited managing a server that had FusionIO cards in it, which were the fastest thing on the market. Except someone set it up with SOFTWARE RAID-5. So this 32-core server was tying up one CPU which was throttling IO to about 30% of the performance we should have had.

  2. dy

    dyDay ago

    HDD Gang rise up

  3. Astronaute Bird

    Astronaute BirdDay ago

    Still cant handle the Cod update

  4. Nicolae Florin Pașca

    Nicolae Florin Pașca2 days ago

    You have so expensive stuff there I guess you have a better security than the white house

  5. normal person

    normal person3 days ago

    9:40 "5 Gum, simulate your senses."

  6. Александр Липовский

    Александр Липовский3 days ago

    You look like this is the first TRUE server you ever see... Pathetic. Look on poweredge r720 for example. It look very similar in many thing that you have WOWing here.

  7. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich835 days ago

    1 Tbit/s when?

  8. hansdietrich83

    hansdietrich835 days ago

    5:38 10 bucks says this connector is made by samtec. The make some crazy stuff

  9. Mike YT

    Mike YT6 days ago

    Nasa be Like: Hmm Okay I Want To Buy 200 Servers

  10. Muhammad Ahsan

    Muhammad Ahsan7 days ago

    bro i do not understand what you say :(

  11. retsam1721

    retsam17219 days ago

    yawwwnnn welcome to 10 years ago....

  12. John Lugnutt

    John Lugnutt9 days ago

    This is what rust severs need

  13. Truthckr

    Truthckr10 days ago

    IF Linus was not the boss, i bet there would be a company policy that says " Keep the Expensive stuff from Linus "heavy hands" LOL

  14. The T430

    The T43012 days ago

    When you find out it doesn’t run crisis

  15. the Unofficial

    the Unofficial13 days ago

    Ps5: _heavy sweating_

  16. JJ Smith

    JJ Smith15 days ago

    The probable book simultaneously mug because iraq internally hammer on a exotic north america. finicky, plausible basin

  17. Unsettled

    Unsettled16 days ago

    To anyone reading this God forever loves you he even demonstrates it in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Repent and build a relationship with Jesus because Jesus is the only way to heaven.(John 14:6)

  18. Gareth Willis

    Gareth Willis17 days ago

    Seeing how rough you are with technology, truly makes me cringe.

  19. paul matthew robinson

    paul matthew robinson17 days ago

    Sounds like jet setting of 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Knife Kitty

    Knife Kitty17 days ago

    that holy shi****it in intro xD

  21. JJ Smith

    JJ Smith17 days ago

    The well-to-do warm regularly trade because reminder ethnopharmacologically carve as a smart tuba. caring, plucky skate

  22. Anubhav Arun

    Anubhav Arun17 days ago

    Wait didn't they already released a video in which they played game on it the 60,000 usd one. Did they messed up the release or linux forgot about it

  23. Rabyui Zane

    Rabyui Zane18 days ago

    now run an anarchy server

  24. TheSinasteria

    TheSinasteria18 days ago

    Linus that 12v form factor for desktop pcs has been around for years especially if its dell, Lenovo, HP, they are infamous for that, but the downside to those psu is due to the motherboard doing the conversation ,from what i have seen in 100's of cases if the psu blows so does your motherboard and that can be from surges, power failures or a dip in power ,i'd rather have psu blow then a motherboard especially if its a gaming rig

  25. lemusicable

    lemusicable19 days ago

    Stop making those stupid faces - 9GAG

  26. Justin Kirschenman

    Justin Kirschenman20 days ago

    1:21 The tagline should have been, "Honey badger don't give a shit." If anyone needs a reference.

  27. KytZu

    KytZu20 days ago

    1 server in 2021 : 100 servers combined in the 1980s bro

  28. Jakafile Slider

    Jakafile Slider20 days ago

    game on it !

  29. spotted0wl

    spotted0wl20 days ago


  30. Faldrya

    Faldrya20 days ago

    How much would this cost?

  31. Ed Reeves

    Ed Reeves21 day ago

    I see someone is a fan of Finnigan from roadkill. 😏

  32. Kikonada

    Kikonada21 day ago

    I have 6gb speed ssd. It is good?

  33. rudiedcr

    rudiedcr21 day ago

    And it's a Dell in disguise...

  34. Eric Ny

    Eric Ny21 day ago

    Is it possible to install and use one of those cards in a regular motherboard?

  35. Physicorum _

    Physicorum _21 day ago


  36. A Ramil

    A Ramil21 day ago

    If you populate 32 slots, will the memory still run at 3200MT/s?

  37. Stefan Besu

    Stefan Besu21 day ago

    to be honest i only watch this kind of video because how happy linus is and that makes me happy

  38. YouTube Commenter

    YouTube Commenter21 day ago

    Gimme PCIe 4.0 and I'm good to go. All these "kickstarter" honey badger-based servers will end up having a seriously reduced form factor and footprint overall and the server room will shrink so much that the administrator can now get back in working.

  39. Aaron Robinson

    Aaron Robinson21 day ago

    Man thanks for that htop screen. It's 5AM and that was hilarious.

  40. Mayank Jariya

    Mayank Jariya22 days ago

    optane_honey badger also touche' Mr pussyCat.The kernel and scheduler should deal with numa nodes at low level.The chipset should deal with it all at hardware level,ideally. No?

  41. Richard Goulet

    Richard Goulet22 days ago

    Canadian Loon call at 1:23

  42. HPISRP

    HPISRP22 days ago

    windows 10 pro -> 2 epyc 64 cores . lmfao like thats gonna work

  43. fellpower

    fellpower22 days ago

    Spool the time forward for 5 yrs. So u can buy this for 50$ on ebay...

  44. Fenrir_szn

    Fenrir_szn22 days ago

    Linus' pronunciation of Ubuntu will never not irk me.......its "u woo n tu" not "u bun to"

  45. Yuuka Kazami

    Yuuka Kazami22 days ago

    Starting this server, is like starting a jet

  46. Elliot Scher

    Elliot Scher22 days ago

    I spent 9 full days burning my 1000 cds on a macbook. If only i had this...

  47. Sidgy SOHO

    Sidgy SOHO22 days ago

    Spawn of Freddie Mercury : " I want it ALL, and I want it NOW " !

  48. Sawyer W

    Sawyer W22 days ago

    That fumble gave me a good laugh

  49. Re Ous

    Re Ous22 days ago

    man my laptop is only .5 gb and my brothers is 1 gbps wtf like how you get 100

  50. Flinguine

    Flinguine22 days ago

    1:53 shirtless dude in hallway lol

  51. Gole Omkar Mahesh

    Gole Omkar Mahesh22 days ago

    Here i am watching video at 1 mbps..

  52. Oliver Omongos

    Oliver Omongos22 days ago

    every time linus smack that server it feels like linus smacking me in the face haha

  53. NebukadV

    NebukadV23 days ago

    Why on earth is one of the RAM Sticks a slightly different color? 4:17

  54. Moon Tower Drum Covers

    Moon Tower Drum Covers23 days ago


  55. Andira Santosa

    Andira Santosa23 days ago

    That's just a Dell EMC server

  56. Chito Basubas

    Chito Basubas23 days ago

    As a sysadmin it is painful to see Linus broke the ram cover and slams the cover panel. T_T

  57. g10118

    g1011823 days ago

    Yeah and the high-end asus gen 1 threadripper boards could do raid NVME at about 24-26 GB/s, so that PCI-e addon card was not particularly impressive at the time. Nice density for servers but it wasn't unheard of performance for consumers machines, you just didn't talk about it for some reason.

  58. Pohotu3Viewer

    Pohotu3Viewer23 days ago

    ope, too excited. Almost forgot the sponsor.

  59. Buying Saucer

    Buying Saucer23 days ago

    How to get 0 processing ping in among us

  60. Buying Saucer

    Buying Saucer23 days ago


  61. Justin Cardenas

    Justin Cardenas23 days ago

    when the server sounds like a jet engine on QUIET MODE.


    HILTON TROCHEZ23 days ago

    where do i buy them?

  63. Randy .Makarov

    Randy .Makarov23 days ago

    I'd imagine they would have a second fan rack to put in while cleaning the first fans.

  64. Kincaid

    Kincaid23 days ago

    Jake is getting a little too fucking stupid to listen to... Do something Linus

  65. Ben Russo

    Ben Russo23 days ago

    Your Liquid setup is getting pricy enough to start looking at a high performance enterprise NAS solution rather than going with a beefed up file "Server". Although it is "Network Attached Storage" not a "server" with an OS like your Liquid setup, I wonder how a NetApp AFF800 NAS would compare? I haven't got my hands on one, but it is supposedly scalable to 316PB in 4U high rack blocks (non-disruptive scale up) from 2-24 nodes. It's minimum setup is with two controller heads, so you get (kinda) hot-swappable mobo's and core components, in addition to the expected hot-swap power/fan/disk.. Docs say it supports up to 20 100GbE ports and it claims 300GB/s throughput. I think a comparison of costs is in order here.

  66. Petar Đuričin

    Petar Đuričin23 days ago

    Idk y but I want to see a gaming setup with enough monitors to completely go around you

  67. Petar Đuričin

    Petar Đuričin23 days ago

    0:55 well played Linus, well played

  68. Elliott Mo

    Elliott Mo23 days ago

    It's just a Dell PowerEdge Server...

  69. GoProNinja

    GoProNinja23 days ago

    Linus: 98 gibby bites Me: thats my nickname Gibby

  70. 0verkilled

    0verkilled24 days ago

    Did anyone notice Dell EMC logo? Is liquid owned by Dell?

  71. MartinDoesStuff

    MartinDoesStuff24 days ago

    Fuck engines, this thing can run more then a car

  72. Happy good

    Happy good24 days ago

    I bet it can handle 16K monitor.

  73. Omkar Shinde

    Omkar Shinde24 days ago

    Pc is trashh

  74. Phillip Mulligan

    Phillip Mulligan24 days ago

    Do these servers double as air fryers. Can you cook a plate of fries or bacon at the exhaust side?

  75. jean luc Dubinator

    jean luc Dubinator24 days ago

    Windows 10 caca.

  76. Toro Mac

    Toro Mac24 days ago

    Terracotta/orange/red means hot swap, blue is cold swap on these Dell boxes

  77. Craig Davis

    Craig Davis24 days ago

    Where the heck did jake get his shirt?!?! I neeeeeedd it.

  78. colintx800

    colintx80024 days ago

    YOU are treating it so ROUGH. Be more careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Triston Line

    Triston Line24 days ago

    Agghhhh WHY please just use Linux on this type of hardware, Windows is the least qualified OS to handle all of that power!

  80. Theo Brown

    Theo Brown24 days ago

    CaN iT rUN FoRINitE THo

  81. CT-2237 'oddball'

    CT-2237 'oddball'24 days ago

    O V E R C L O C K L I Q U I D N O S

  82. Dino Hensen

    Dino Hensen24 days ago

    Best part: 12:39

  83. PeterCrawley

    PeterCrawley24 days ago

    Watching him slam that panel onto the server was painful

  84. Dino Hensen

    Dino Hensen24 days ago

    Go mine monero on that thing! only then the fans are more watt than your CPU's, but who cares

  85. DarniĒn

    DarniĒn24 days ago

    Me watching 64 core thing with my 2 core Pentium 🙂


    STORM WARRIOR24 days ago

    12:13 what is he doing "is that programming"

  87. MXStar189

    MXStar18924 days ago

    I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum ;-)

  88. Ty Champlin

    Ty Champlin24 days ago

    Call of duty on a ram disk......

  89. DuaLeaD

    DuaLeaD24 days ago

    Need more networking videos showing what Linux can really do! Everyone loves to see Windows get cucked by BIG D@#$ numbers....LOL

  90. L L

    L L25 days ago

    What does it do when mining Random X Monero ? I want MH/s !!!!!!

  91. H0thead

    H0thead25 days ago

    Ubisoft and Bethesda "mehhhh...."

  92. Sean Thomson

    Sean Thomson25 days ago

    A rebranded Dell server with Liqid mods. Not new :D

  93. Alden Rogers

    Alden Rogers25 days ago

    ... but can it run crysis?

  94. Indiana Stones

    Indiana Stones25 days ago

    He was nearly dropping the Thing in the first 20seconds....

  95. Vince Fleming

    Vince Fleming25 days ago

    Can it run cyberpunk?

  96. Edward

    Edward25 days ago

    Honestly the easiest way to get vbucks is

  97. Nicolò Carcagnì

    Nicolò Carcagnì25 days ago

    Does a Minecraft server crash on this machine?

  98. greymooses

    greymooses26 days ago

    Please, linus. Wash your hair...

  99. Daniel G

    Daniel G26 days ago

    The second I saw that PSU, I knew it was going to sound like a jet engine

  100. horse1066

    horse106626 days ago

    3:20 “250 watts of cooling” is not the same as 250 watts of fans