Linus Reads Mean Comments 2020

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The LMG staff read and react to mean USlikes comments from the community. You guys are savage.
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  1. born gamer

    born gamer5 hours ago

    james go away

  2. born gamer

    born gamer5 hours ago

    anthony voice op

  3. born gamer

    born gamer5 hours ago

    really james ur voice punches my eardrums

  4. Ishaan Dave

    Ishaan Dave6 hours ago


  5. Jacobo Blanco

    Jacobo Blanco7 hours ago

    Just to add some positivity, you folks do an awesome job creating high quality videos that are super entertaining and informative.

  6. The Whizkid

    The Whizkid7 hours ago

    We don´t hate your guts, only your sandals. They make you look like an east German tourist from before 1990. Don´t ever dare to make it worse by completing the eyesore with white sox. Just joking. - You all are great people who deserve the clicks and success that you worked for! Cheers :D

  7. Ferry Ferdinand

    Ferry Ferdinand9 hours ago

    Anthony tech tips

  8. Jokers of the King

    Jokers of the King16 hours ago

    I bet linus never reads my comments on any of his channels

  9. Jarek Niemasz

    Jarek Niemasz22 hours ago

    7;57 is the best lol too true.

  10. snak1ty

    snak1ty22 hours ago

    nobody hates anthony. we love him too much

  11. Justin Heretotroll

    Justin Heretotroll23 hours ago

    Has there ever been a negative Anthony comment in the wild? Love Anthony. James Creepy Douche Riley Douche

  12. amr. exe

    amr. exeDay ago

    We need anthny more bruh

  13. Milan Newsam

    Milan NewsamDay ago

    I love the way they made the fat guy not read his hate comments cause there's probably too many

  14. Kenneth Kyle De Luna

    Kenneth Kyle De LunaDay ago

    Anthony is not great, it's Anthony *the* Great...

  15. Sgt Nooodle

    Sgt NooodleDay ago

    "Almost 1% loser" is top tier

  16. Akshay Uppala

    Akshay UppalaDay ago

    There were somr positive comments featured on a video titled mean comments. Sneak 100


    JJTOP SMILE2 days ago

    I never liked Jake 😕

  18. ReVerse_Shanked2

    ReVerse_Shanked22 days ago

    Anothony onlyfans?

  19. jozsi

    jozsi2 days ago

    Here's an idea: Roast of Linus but it's just sponsor shoutouts.

  20. omer phaima

    omer phaima2 days ago

    i love you kiss me

  21. Dave Norton

    Dave Norton2 days ago

    Yes! Finally

  22. BraveryTheBrony

    BraveryTheBrony2 days ago

    This is like my 5th time watching this vid and when I was laughing at Linus’s reaction to the comment about his son due to the delivery I noticed that the words Linus used to respond almost sound like he agrees with the statement even though I know that’s not what he was going for.

  23. Gerlando Caldara

    Gerlando Caldara2 days ago

    Linus and his Team are so good that i need just a video every day to relax from my it-stuff.

  24. Alexandru Marzenco

    Alexandru Marzenco2 days ago

    I like Anthony too, he's very chill and i like chill people, and although i don't like to leave negative comments, i don't like James either for various reasons, seems like he's here to stay so i'll just deal with it. I also miss Luke on LTT videos building and talking about stuff by himself :)

  25. GoofMcDoofFace Gaming

    GoofMcDoofFace Gaming2 days ago

    be mean some more i like these videos!

  26. kefork

    kefork2 days ago

    whens the next one

  27. andrew mcahon

    andrew mcahon2 days ago

    To be fair I like Ur video s but can be very hard to understand you at times with you r tec

  28. Subhrajyoti Das

    Subhrajyoti Das2 days ago

    Anthony is an absolute win for the whole team and mankind in general. Long live you tech god ❤️❤️❤️

  29. David

    David2 days ago

    Anthony IS great!

  30. Jacob Barrett

    Jacob Barrett3 days ago


  31. Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa Ackerman3 days ago

    I want another channel named anthony tech tips.However linus tech tips will stay too

  32. Joseph Fitts

    Joseph Fitts3 days ago

    LMG is full of a bunch of awesome folks and the haters are just mad jealous. Keep up the great work everyone! Shout out to the folks that stay behind the camera as well. They're the unsung heroes.

  33. Quinn Matthew C. Zaballa

    Quinn Matthew C. Zaballa3 days ago

    i like his beard, he looked like keanu reeves

  34. Kaiser 36

    Kaiser 363 days ago

    Anyways Anthony is the best alive ;)

  35. AllNightGamer

    AllNightGamer3 days ago

    Hearing linuses voice and tone change when he brings up his son is amazing

  36. MrunAL Chaudhari

    MrunAL Chaudhari3 days ago

    Nothing Like Anything But You And Your Team I Love To See Them All They Are Funny On Technews And Ohter Videos And Unimaginable Intelligence Too Love You LTT team😘

  37. Jaden DeRossett

    Jaden DeRossett3 days ago

    Linus looks like he’s about to cry.

  38. Jaden DeRossett

    Jaden DeRossett3 days ago

    Jk love you

  39. Covodex

    Covodex4 days ago

    dont put the fucking ads in the middle of the video pls. not a good timing for skipping.

  40. DiceDodo

    DiceDodo4 days ago

    We just proved Linus is gay.



    but i like james

  42. Jackson

    Jackson4 days ago

    Sorry there are jerks Linus Keep up the good content!!!

  43. Electroid Studios

    Electroid Studios4 days ago

    Anthony is amazing and would do a better job running Linus media group, or should I say Anthony media group

  44. Januarius Gabriel Quero Pamor

    Januarius Gabriel Quero Pamor4 days ago

    They just laugh through the pain

  45. Mr Potato

    Mr Potato4 days ago

    i love anthony

  46. Nicole Pedone

    Nicole Pedone4 days ago

    You are awesome Linus. F the haters. I remember you from way back in the day. I commend you for your hard work and ingenuity.

  47. Mjhops760

    Mjhops7604 days ago

    I like you linus but im 13 and have a deeper voice than you

  48. FrogRider

    FrogRider4 days ago

    linus is the best :) no going to lie

  49. tornadekk

    tornadekk5 days ago

    Can we just get a video of Anthony reading nice comments

  50. why

    why5 days ago

    everyone is acting like we are making things up

  51. Thomas Wilson

    Thomas Wilson5 days ago

    Brilliant ahhahahha

  52. Marlon Heindric Vallo

    Marlon Heindric Vallo5 days ago

    I love Anthony! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Gamer4472

    Gamer44725 days ago

    Linus...Dont worry...You and your team are doing great...Keep up the good job...

  54. beeing movies

    beeing movies5 days ago

    Anthony is best girl in ltt

  55. yaakov salem

    yaakov salem5 days ago

    i think he was about to cry lmao!

  56. Alden456

    Alden4565 days ago

    i love dennis why people mean to him :(

  57. D3Lift Avox

    D3Lift Avox5 days ago

    i just unsubscribe to Linus Tech Tips main reason I hate people who ego is just to high and tread employee's as not equal

  58. Aditya Bhattacharya

    Aditya Bhattacharya2 days ago

    Lmao u mad

  59. _JMNLThat_

    _JMNLThat_5 days ago

    Also 7:50

  60. _JMNLThat_

    _JMNLThat_5 days ago

    7:19 unsubscribed* treat* Who's* Too*

  61. archeyangel1

    archeyangel16 days ago

    What we learned: everyone loves Anthony.

  62. Spango

    Spango6 days ago

    me mums car

  63. mikey gini

    mikey gini6 days ago

    I love your videos

  64. Raymond Morgan

    Raymond Morgan6 days ago

    Plot twist: Anthony has lots of fake accounts and posts his own rev--- no I can't even finish that, Anthony is awesome he needs more camera time!! MORE ANTHONY!!!

  65. Aurelian Epuraș

    Aurelian Epuraș6 days ago

    Linus with beard, is like a caracter from 300: This is Linus!

  66. Traveel

    Traveel6 days ago

    Wait, how is not disclosing your sponsorship work? How would the advertizer make money. Could someone please explain this to me?

  67. Mackenzie McIntyre

    Mackenzie McIntyre6 days ago

    This video was a pissing contest and a monkey shit throwing contest

  68. Cup

    Cup6 days ago

    Missed this when it came out, but I need to make sure you know that Anthony is a pretty cool dude.

  69. Scott Stewart

    Scott Stewart6 days ago

    make a video roasting linus

  70. Scott Stewart

    Scott StewartDay ago


  71. _JMNLThat_

    _JMNLThat_5 days ago

    He already made one

  72. Faze ON

    Faze ON7 days ago

    anthony is like my nose, great

  73. judah gable

    judah gable7 days ago

    Anthony, we love you ❤️❤️

  74. blackbox1800

    blackbox18007 days ago

    btw i hate those 8 year old thumbnails

  75. chris Todd

    chris Todd7 days ago

    New branding 😂

  76. Clash

    Clash7 days ago

    I laughed so hard when Anthony came on. It was just perfect. We all love Anthony

  77. Failedpuberty6x

    Failedpuberty6x7 days ago

    YT is an interesting place. Sometimes it seems like a video has nothing but mean comments in the thread but the actual content has over like 100K likes. I just go by likes.

  78. Benedikt Örn Hjaltason

    Benedikt Örn Hjaltason7 days ago

    I agree. I didn't like Inception. I didn't like Dicaprio's constant tough guy face.

  79. AmericanPatriot1776

    AmericanPatriot17767 days ago

    I was hoping my comment on a video with iJustine was going to be on here. I made a comment that said I thought it was her talking and not him.

  80. Ruben VD

    Ruben VD7 days ago

    Change the channel name to Anthony Tech Tips. It's the will of the people.

  81. Chaney Goldstein

    Chaney Goldstein8 days ago

    We need the roast but with Brian the Electrician, Anthony, Taran, MKBHD, Colton, A Prime, and others. Comment below others that would be good

  82. מני מור

    מני מור8 days ago

    linos you are the best youtuber in computers


    JARVIS HACKED8 days ago

    Put your name dhinchack Pooja 😁😁😁😁🙄

  84. TomHasError

    TomHasError8 days ago

    in the uk you have to legally disclose a sponsorship . thanks for not being a criminal

  85. Alex Hansen

    Alex Hansen8 days ago

    Next round of Mean Comments set up a thermal camera for Linus's red face. Also, give Anthony a channel so we can learn something useful.

  86. LouwonDwayne Surio

    LouwonDwayne Surio8 days ago

    Are you my DAD

  87. Darcksage

    Darcksage8 days ago

    Not enough Anthony

  88. Timo Gundacker

    Timo Gundacker8 days ago

    I love the bits when Anthony is on camera

  89. Nathan Sandy

    Nathan Sandy8 days ago

    Anthony is awesome

  90. Shreyash Mall

    Shreyash Mall8 days ago


  91. Clifton Rolls

    Clifton Rolls8 days ago


  92. pingu

    pingu8 days ago

    Noot noot

  93. Avery Nelson

    Avery Nelson8 days ago

    As far as Anthony goes, I absolutely HATE...that he isn’t in more videos.

  94. Gantulga Gantugs

    Gantulga Gantugs9 days ago

    Fuck, why u all insults almost all LTT workers and treat Anthony like a god? Anthony is boring af (insult me if you want suckers)

  95. The Holy Mini Nut

    The Holy Mini Nut6 days ago

    Il be fair here he is a bit lacking in personality but he seems to be the smartest one there, definitely smarter than your ass

  96. Aaapchi

    Aaapchi9 days ago

    who wants to play Terraria ?

  97. TruRussianPearson

    TruRussianPearson9 days ago

    0:49 how does this work

  98. Kaihe Wang

    Kaihe Wang9 days ago

    2 totally different looking Asians: exist comments below: YOU TWO LOOK THE SAME

  99. Person

    Person9 days ago

    Hahahahaha that one commenter called his wife an "Asian Product". Who comes up with that shit?

  100. bensdorp1993

    bensdorp19939 days ago

    Hey guys a lot of you maybe already heard the story of KoolKing Logan. He is an awsome kid who just beat cancer and his dream is to become a youtuber. He really makes quality content yesterday alone he got 50k new subscriber as the internet is banding together to help him out. The only thing he needs is a proper setup. Maybe LTT could help out there and hook him up with proper equipment. It would be nice if this post could get some traction so the right people read this. Here is a link to his channel:

  101. Microphonick

    Microphonick9 days ago

    I don't have anything against Anthony, but am I the only one that doesn't really care for him in videos? Maybe it's just me lol.

  102. pech 1888

    pech 18889 days ago


  103. Anthony Fennell

    Anthony Fennell9 days ago

    I gotta admit, linus' son did seem dead inside in the hot wheels episode, but I think it was mainly just disappointment and confusion lmao

  104. John Germain

    John Germain9 days ago

    Dennis is fun, Luke pretty cool, and Anthony is great .... so there and I like your machinist type stuff

  105. Jannis David Zwahlen

    Jannis David Zwahlen9 days ago

    I'm pretty sure they couldn't include some lmao, because those aren't THAT bad..

  106. Alistair Butz

    Alistair Butz9 days ago

    I have hit so many of these guys with the butt of my gun while they were standing over my baby's crib. :(

  107. M M

    M M9 days ago

    It's actually funny how all youtubers just assume they make more money than their viewers and their commenters... little did they know