There's a REAL Nintendo Wii Packed into this Handheld!!!

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Matthew Kennedy

    Matthew Kennedy7 minutes ago

    Anthony, you are now my favourite tech guy. I still love Linus... But... Ummm... Sorry Linus, you're now my number 2. This is my second video seeing Anthony and I just can't get enough of him. You both actually made a great team on this video.

  2. Michael Michael

    Michael Michael40 minutes ago

    Stole gingers creation


    S†EPFΔM STUDiO17 hours ago

    if people like anthony wanted to see the world burn, i would not be here to write this comment

  4. UMICL

    UMICL19 hours ago

    Imagine if this was created before the Switch.

  5. Scam Pickle

    Scam Pickle2 days ago


  6. Tomas Gallo

    Tomas Gallo2 days ago

    This is really amazing

  7. Desmond Tiny

    Desmond Tiny2 days ago

    Copied gingerofmods

  8. John Little

    John Little2 days ago

    Yeah I can build it with 360£ In my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jaron

    jaron2 days ago


  10. Connor The Duke

    Connor The Duke4 days ago

    This dude sucks at mkw damn

  11. Bennett Compton

    Bennett Compton4 days ago

    anthony is a straight g

  12. Erik Andersson Enki

    Erik Andersson Enki5 days ago


  13. D B

    D B5 days ago

    If it weren't for that clamp, Linus would have already dropped that.

  14. Will Russell

    Will Russell5 days ago

    Linus: “I kinda which the screen was better” *Then convert it to VGA like it says in the instructions* 🤦‍♂️

  15. SoloWatcher86

    SoloWatcher865 days ago

    This man is a God

  16. Rick Malone

    Rick Malone5 days ago

    $300?? Damn... I'll 3d print it all and get a 2nd wii for $20 from a pawn shop!

  17. CGXAndres

    CGXAndres6 days ago

    Nah. I will just buy a WiiBoy Color

  18. Pain

    Pain6 days ago

    wish they would sell it pre build

  19. Todor Samardzhiev

    Todor Samardzhiev6 days ago

    I'd embarrassed to pull that device out in front of my family, yet here's Anthony making a video for the whole world to see.. what a guy!

  20. Hamilton LOWDELL

    Hamilton LOWDELL6 days ago


  21. MultiMediaMan

    MultiMediaMan7 days ago

    O M G

  22. 김준호

    김준호7 days ago

    Some people might say the vice grip is there to keep the console in frame but I like to believe that its there to prevent Linus from dropping it

  23. david57boring

    david57boring8 days ago

    Is LMG going to cover the cost of replacing all the female (and male) viewers' underwear when Anthony said "physical modding?"

  24. Naus Skjule

    Naus Skjule9 days ago

    Take off those stupid masks!!

  25. Plasma Glow Music

    Plasma Glow Music10 days ago

    The tactile feeling of this handheld is irrelevant because you can use parts that you like. So the only reason it may feel foreign or strange is if you use the wrong parts. YOU are building this console. It's a work in progress that you can keep upgrading and changing as you like.

  26. FLYNN

    FLYNN10 days ago

    Shave you head man it's time

  27. Adner Ayala

    Adner Ayala11 days ago

    You guys are Nuts $325 for a incomplete kit are you out of your mind, anyway I buy 2 retroid pocket 2 with that money , why can anyone just make something different than what we have already seeing ,why copy gameboy shell that is ugly ,why small lcd screen ???? just make something different please.

  28. Sean Barrett

    Sean Barrett11 days ago

    Nintendo can eat shit when it comes to their stance on emulation and backups.

  29. Funnydoodler

    Funnydoodler12 days ago

    Not even Ctgp for Mario Kart. So bad.

  30. Josephine Fox

    Josephine Fox12 days ago

    Idk who andy is but i like his hair and think hes very charming

  31. Yung X

    Yung X12 days ago

    Anthony! My man! Love the vids! Less Linus = better videos 😜 ❤️ You guys

  32. オリベTsubasa

    オリベTsubasa16 days ago

    I love how they keep using joycon joysticks

  33. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim16 days ago

    the easiest way to play wii games on the go is with an ipad pro. However, that shit is expensive af.

  34. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim16 days ago

    it's also less portable.

  35. Bloodstainer

    Bloodstainer16 days ago

    Awesome content! More modding of Nintendo hardware, please!

  36. B7054

    B705416 days ago

    Anthony: "I built this, and you can too!" Me: WOW! Thank for believe me but i don't believe myself.

  37. Mads Isak

    Mads Isak19 days ago

    I see that isolation has taken its toll. Dremel to your Wii.. why!? Use an emulator on your phone instead of ruining that glorious piece of machinery . RIP Toad. Great video though 😊

  38. YoStefan

    YoStefan20 days ago

    Anthony: Puts a Wii in a Gameboy Linus: 5:47

  39. TheKugelBlitz TheKugelBlitz

    TheKugelBlitz TheKugelBlitz21 day ago

    Not that impressive considering the Nintendo Wii is mid-2000s hardware.

  40. voteDC

    voteDC21 day ago

    I can understand not including the Wii itself, just about, but for $325 they can't even include a set of buttons or the batteries?

  41. David

    David21 day ago

    Please cut off those two thin parted hairs!

  42. xPrizmah

    xPrizmah22 days ago


  43. Logu

    Logu22 days ago

    Anthony's hair unsettles me

  44. AlexYeets

    AlexYeets22 days ago

    p h y s i c a l m o d d i n g

  45. Supxxr

    Supxxr22 days ago

    What is that little kit you opened at first like screwdriver bits and what not what's it called

  46. SmellTheL

    SmellTheL23 days ago

    Why did he have Mario world on the thumbnail

  47. cam693

    cam69323 days ago

    why wasnt the wii built like this originally

  48. Chuy Ramirez

    Chuy Ramirez23 days ago

    Is this a joke??? Cause this is very misleading. For those that don't have any idea. This is way desiving & would like a next video saying that this wasn't made by you.

  49. Nero Swift

    Nero Swift24 days ago

    anthony im begging you please cutt your hair, dude you balding it would look much cleaner if you cut it

  50. Cloud Plays

    Cloud Plays24 days ago

    I ripped my copies of my disk to an external hard drive. I own the game so how can they tell me how the format is i can use my game? They can't

  51. nEuDyYT

    nEuDyYT24 days ago

    OMG, this does hurt, when I saw, you cut the orginial PCB 🙈 But the idea behind and the outcome, is crazy and amazing!

  52. Hamad Alrowaie

    Hamad Alrowaie24 days ago

    Why don't you just sell it ready ? 😅

  53. sonichuizcool

    sonichuizcool25 days ago

    cutting... that cut would need to be PERFECT. seriously... thats where tons of wii's will be lost.

  54. しらいしく【CleanClouds】

    しらいしく【CleanClouds】25 days ago

    Or you could buy a fucking wii with that money and some games too...

  55. tHe GrEy MaN

    tHe GrEy MaN25 days ago

    Damn, I wish I had the IQ and $ to do this.

  56. Sean O'Farrell

    Sean O'Farrell25 days ago

    Good news is that Nintendo's agreement doesn't really factor in when it comes to the legality of this stuff. Ripping and burning copies of physical for personal use is a guaranteed consumer right in many countries, and no EULA can limit that. Americans might have issues since they have laws against bypassing DRM for this kind of use, even if the use itself isn't illegal.

  57. Brian

    Brian26 days ago

    I liked this video a lot. Do more like it please.

  58. krim7

    krim726 days ago

    I want a coffee mug that says, "You did not build it, did you?" Ironically on a coffee mug I did not build 🤣😂

  59. Oodly Noodly

    Oodly Noodly26 days ago

    oh wow ive seen the g-boy many times in videos but ive never seen someone hold it and damn its much smaller than i thought.

  60. sirkastic

    sirkastic26 days ago

    Are you playing pokemon? Because I see a giant Snorlax playing a gameboy

  61. sirkastic

    sirkastic23 days ago

    @Stephen Stark Its not a joke.

  62. Stephen Stark

    Stephen Stark24 days ago

    please be funny

  63. dreamrealitysyndrome

    dreamrealitysyndrome26 days ago

    Wii U?

  64. Third Planet Man

    Third Planet Man27 days ago

    Anthony, you're awesome, you don't deserve to do that to yourself with your hair man. There are options, and all of them will make you feel better brother. Also you have a super great speaking voice, lovely to listen to.

  65. Tom d

    Tom d27 days ago

    I'm a Pie boi

  66. lzanagiOkami

    lzanagiOkami28 days ago

    I love Anthony

  67. Chris G

    Chris G28 days ago

    What a fantastic video, great work. It's really refreshing to see this level of passion.

  68. Bryan Bonham

    Bryan Bonham28 days ago

    Hey my dude. Great job on the video and the build. Thing looks fun and phenomenal.

  69. Zion

    Zion28 days ago

    Segmented d-pads like on ps 1 and 2 are king.

  70. jason strayer

    jason strayer28 days ago

    Gotta give it to the powe pc chip, hardy little chip.

  71. Tech Member

    Tech Member29 days ago

    God bless Anthony

  72. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander Okonek29 days ago

    They really cut that Wii, so the ambulance had to come. Wii U Wii U

  73. FrikinOSM

    FrikinOSM29 days ago

    What is the screen and how is it attached ?



    But Can It Run Crysis?

  75. Andrei Negrea

    Andrei NegreaMonth ago

    I see Anthony, i like.

  76. Andrei Negrea

    Andrei Negrea27 days ago

    @Ben Potts get him, guys

  77. Ben Potts

    Ben Potts27 days ago

    really? because i throw up

  78. Stratos Lockon

    Stratos LockonMonth ago

    8:03 Its a good thing that by design laws will simply override anything they try.....


    RENZEENOMonth ago

    I'm gonna use that in every argument now. "XboxSeriesX is more powerful than PS5" "yeh but u didn't build it did u"


    RENZEENOMonth ago

    We got one guy moaning constantly and one guy constantly saying "yeah but it has got.."

  81. Sneakers Dave's

    Sneakers Dave'sMonth ago

    Second day Anthony in a row? Can this week get any better?

  82. Charles Harris

    Charles HarrisMonth ago

    dude I though it was a joke! Anthony you are a f genius!!!

  83. Seronin Aran

    Seronin AranMonth ago

    Anthony is the best really. Always on point and so knowledgeable. Whenever he's on camera you can sense he mastered whatever he's talking about. Great host.

  84. Polygone

    PolygoneMonth ago

    Incredible work!!!

  85. Luiz Carlos Martins Filho

    Luiz Carlos Martins FilhoMonth ago

    That's cool!

  86. Ahror Yusupov

    Ahror YusupovMonth ago

    Man, I loved this honest review. That's so cool and rare! Thank you so much for this! Also, building something yourself really makes it gain much more value. Especially if it's transforming something that you loved for years into a "better" version!

  87. SoDaftMinecraft

    SoDaftMinecraftMonth ago

    I actually cannot freaking believe they cut up a Wii and it still works. It makes sense but I still can't believe how you can cut up something so complex and have it still working. That thing is just super cool.

  88. Lone Wolf

    Lone WolfMonth ago

    Gingerof mods make one really better than your.

  89. Joaquin Gracia

    Joaquin GraciaMonth ago

    Anthony deserve a retro channel.

  90. John Simon

    John SimonMonth ago

    4:22 I’m with Linus here, you can dremel its little heart out, patch the software and be running, it’s a thing you can do In theory, but never thought you could do it in practice Next up, the portable Wii consoleizer 😎

  91. Gnoxxify

    GnoxxifyMonth ago

    xD what exactly do you buy from the dude when you have to supply like 95% of the required parts hahaha

  92. Adem Kazkondu

    Adem KazkonduMonth ago

    Is Multiplayer possible?

  93. Jere Benitez

    Jere BenitezMonth ago

    I'd love to see this one get water-cooled

  94. Carlos20

    Carlos20Month ago

    Im calling it, we will see retro handhelds playing wii and gamecube flawless next year.

  95. Joshua Scholar

    Joshua ScholarMonth ago

    Curious if you can use download only games like "Strongbad's cool game for attractive people?"

  96. Jackie

    JackieMonth ago

    So what I'm hearing about this is that it's legal... but the company just doesn't like it if you do it. I am of course talking about making a g-boy and using ripped games that YOU bought and ripped yourself onto a digital format, don't pirate games, kids

  97. Joshua Scholar

    Joshua ScholarMonth ago

    Damn, the list of things you need to make this. Is your next do it yourself gonna be a nuclear reactor or a processor? I'll be just as ready to make those.

  98. Side Swipe

    Side SwipeMonth ago

    “Impressive... Most impressive...” DV: “Join me on the Darkside...!” LS: “Shut up! You’re not my dad!” DV: “...About that...” *Amazing*!!!

  99. Daniel Thompson

    Daniel ThompsonMonth ago

    I like this kind of content

  100. SulSal productions

    SulSal productionsMonth ago

    who else would subscribe to anthony tech tips

  101. Takato142

    Takato142Month ago

    Incredibly disappointed Linus didn't name his TP file "Linkus"

  102. UnderWeb Silvano Sartori

    UnderWeb Silvano SartoriMonth ago

    I love this man!

  103. TK

    TKMonth ago

    "But you didn't build it, did you.." PLEASE GIVE ANTHONY HIS OWN HOMEBUILT SHOW

  104. BigBonhomme

    BigBonhommeMonth ago

    I have been watching LTT for a while and met Linus when he was with NCIX.. To be honest I really like Anthony I find him very bright and easy to understand..

  105. Justin Kingma

    Justin KingmaMonth ago

    Damn this looks awesome... I have a Wii collecting dust in my closet... if only I had $325 collecting dust in there too...