You don't deserve this monitor - Does 360Hz gaming make a difference?

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You thought 240Hz gaming monitors were fast? Meet the ASUS PG259QN, a 360HZ IPS gaming monitor with G-SYNC and HDR10. But is it a meaningful upgrade to the PG258Q…or a worthy opponent of the Samsung Odyssey G7?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. JourneyOfBin

    JourneyOfBin2 hours ago


  2. Obito Plays fn

    Obito Plays fn18 hours ago

    The monitor has The letters PG that means that this is for 5yr olds

  3. Obito Plays fn

    Obito Plays fn18 hours ago

    Don't tell me what i don't deserve! You don't even look like my Mom and I don't even listen to her more than half the time

  4. Ultimate Games

    Ultimate Games22 hours ago

    *cries in 144hz*

  5. Wan Wan

    Wan WanDay ago

    Shroud wants to do a new video with you using 360 hz

  6. Danny Shot

    Danny ShotDay ago

    If you been playing for 6 plus hours a day for 6 years plus MAYBE you can see a slight difference. lmfaoooooo

  7. BTC 3KXnLyApwFtfDhSViUMpRtQuzR91KvfgnB

    BTC 3KXnLyApwFtfDhSViUMpRtQuzR91KvfgnB2 days ago

    you loose more ms cause its ips compared to a tn panel so its vaporware in my personal opinion

  8. BTC 3KXnLyApwFtfDhSViUMpRtQuzR91KvfgnB

    BTC 3KXnLyApwFtfDhSViUMpRtQuzR91KvfgnB2 days ago

    where is my 1000hz ??? source engine gets 1000 fps

  9. SlicyDip

    SlicyDip2 days ago

    the maximum hz your eyes can see is 260

  10. Denis Vidyaev

    Denis Vidyaev2 days ago

    Is it worth upgrade from 240hz tn to 360hz ips for csgo?

  11. Kim

    Kim3 days ago

    Hi, I love what you do, it helps me a lot! What do you recommend between the new BenQ XL2546K and the Asus PG259QN (only for playing FPS like CS GO/Valorant). Cheers!

  12. Póntos Olympians

    Póntos Olympians3 days ago

    I can not believe it he got so old wow

  13. Eon

    Eon3 days ago

    my brother tried to make me get a 240hz 1080p monitor instead of a 144hz 1440p one

  14. little buckets yt

    little buckets yt4 days ago


  15. officemaus

    officemaus3 days ago

    Karens be like:

  16. FlameStudioPlayz _RBLX

    FlameStudioPlayz _RBLX6 days ago

    ehhhh not as beautiful as kreek’s new costume pc

  17. Cherry MX Is Trash

    Cherry MX Is Trash6 days ago


  18. Nebula Cheese

    Nebula Cheese6 days ago

    I know.

  19. KritiSieze - Gaming

    KritiSieze - Gaming8 days ago

    Alienware : *am I a joke to you?*

  20. Big Joe

    Big Joe8 days ago

    I bought a 240hz monitor i had a 60Hz tv and my reaction time wnt from 270ms to 190-200ms

  21. INTOXI

    INTOXI8 days ago

    3090 rtx review

  22. INTOXI

    INTOXI8 days ago

    Guys I just went trough a adventure first I got rickrolled then I commented how u got rickrolled then I found the pufferfish AUEGH fish then I I rickrolled someone else then I got rickrolled again

  23. Mikes 🔥 stuff

    Mikes 🔥 stuff8 days ago

    JOKES ON YOU your monitor may have 360hz but my mouse has 1000hz 😤

  24. Darrell Gainer

    Darrell Gainer9 days ago

    Shroud said he’s trying to test it with you again

  25. Kerim Can

    Kerim Can9 days ago

    5:06 Nice typo

  26. mrmcphe

    mrmcphe9 days ago

    why the heck would anybody want LTT underwear

  27. Psycho Potato

    Psycho Potato9 days ago

    *Watches in 60hz*

  28. Anurag Akela

    Anurag Akela9 days ago

    i love 360 hz

  29. ZyxiconV2

    ZyxiconV29 days ago

    Linus: Can any game get 360 fps? Among us: Am I a joke to you?

  30. Kadoosh1e

    Kadoosh1e10 days ago

    “But what’s the point, humans can only see 75 fps" - Corridor Crew

  31. Headpijn

    Headpijn10 days ago

    In 2056 our eyes will need new updated drivers to actually enjoy the 5673ghz refresh rate.

  32. Extreme Boy

    Extreme Boy10 days ago

    Man I am watching this at my mobile which is not even 30 fps and thinking ''dammmnnn that too fast''😆

  33. Pekkashi Kitsune

    Pekkashi Kitsune10 days ago

    360hz are made for pros Ips its slower then TN Whats the fucking point here? It's clearly that any 240hz tn will be better then a 360hz ips

  34. Nilesh Shirke

    Nilesh Shirke10 days ago

    Girls wear fancy Party clothes with ELMB ON and become Poor with Jungle clothes with ELMB Off !! PROOF . 8:15 !!

  35. Just SmiLe

    Just SmiLe10 days ago

    Что я тут делаю, я ж всё равно ничего не понимаю

  36. Mohammad Amin

    Mohammad Amin10 days ago

    Very awesome 6* my laptop,i hope 5 years again Will be better.

  37. Dabii

    Dabii10 days ago

    what about the benefits of 240hz ulmb, im pretty sure that other monitors don't support that as 240hz is thier max framerate

  38. Aadit Agrawal

    Aadit Agrawal11 days ago

    Linus: You don't deserve this monitor. My bank account: Listen to him. Guy knows his stuff.


    CYBER CAT11 days ago

    1080hz next?

  40. BG Nebula

    BG Nebula11 days ago

    12.4m subs on USlikes. I’m envious lol also, what’s your net worth? Im super curious. You must be rich as hell


    SIDDxØP GAMING11 days ago

    I sometimes get above 60 fps in valorant so I need a 144 hz monitor to take the advantage

  42. Mikołaj Zięcina

    Mikołaj Zięcina12 days ago

    Make this comparison again with ryzen 9 5900x in counter strike so you at least can get these 360fps

  43. Ej Angelada

    Ej Angelada13 days ago

    Hmm if they make 480hz monitor

  44. vi Tokyo

    vi Tokyo13 days ago

    Linus do the 60hz, 144hz, 240hz and 360hz test again. With shroud and the whole team in it ofc.

  45. vi Tokyo

    vi Tokyo13 days ago

    Do the shroud thingy again

  46. vi Tokyo

    vi Tokyo13 days ago

    Linus get shroud, corey, mr. grimz, etc and do it again

  47. vi Tokyo

    vi Tokyo13 days ago

    Do shroud featuring again please DO A SHROUD FEATURE AGAIN PLS LINUS

  48. gamejotter 109

    gamejotter 10913 days ago

    I have 60hz :-\

  49. *Triggered Doge*

    *Triggered Doge*14 days ago

    Bold of you to say I don't deserve that, I can't even buy one.

  50. David Munoz

    David Munoz15 days ago

    Could they even hit constant 360 FPS in Valorant? Because my 2080 can barely hit a constant 240 :(

  51. ReZoHn _SS

    ReZoHn _SS15 days ago

    Lul it hertz to watch this vid

  52. thegameon

    thegameon15 days ago

    youre a legend man

  53. WIZE-XI

    WIZE-XI15 days ago

    Im waiting for 1kHz monitor

  54. Trey Randall

    Trey Randall15 days ago

    Can someone please help me. I want to know if I need to buy the Samsung G7, or put in a pre order for the Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz. They are currently at the same price. And I am totally clueless. Thank you so much to anyone who responds.

  55. FRM.30

    FRM.3015 days ago

    I can’t take a 360Hz monitor, because that hertz my wallet

  56. Grand Master Mawile

    Grand Master Mawile16 days ago

    Whats the sweet spot for fps?

  57. DogHasTaken GD

    DogHasTaken GD16 days ago

    Geometry Dash players: *its free real estate*

  58. harmine 21extreme

    harmine 21extreme16 days ago

    Imagine overclocking that montior.

  59. denischo cekovcho

    denischo cekovcho16 days ago

    Try it in osu then you will see the real difference

  60. OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming

    OriGin4LPr0DigY Gaming16 days ago

    Just wait. One day they'll have monitors that refresh the image every ms

  61. Leo Jansen

    Leo Jansen17 days ago


  62. Zento Zanto

    Zento Zanto17 days ago

    Dude u must ask e sport gamers

  63. ατιαʂ

    ατιαʂ17 days ago

    To achieve the same effect for cheaper all you need is to combine all 6 monitors 60x6=360

  64. Zoheb Khan

    Zoheb Khan18 days ago

    Lol you mean release date 2017 not 2007 for the PG258q monitor

  65. Alexander AA

    Alexander AA19 days ago

    144 still the best sweet spot for price to performance ratio :)

  66. Krabbe

    Krabbe19 days ago

    Yeah and im still playing gta on ps4 with 15 fps🥴🥴🥴

  67. J-dayday

    J-dayday19 days ago

    lol they used inferior panel tech on the highest refresh monitor? what a damn shame. almost makes u feel bad for those who buy it

  68. J-dayday

    J-dayday19 days ago

    why not do the simplest test of all. drag a white object across a black background. Then EVERYBODY would be able to instantly tell the difference.

  69. J-dayday

    J-dayday19 days ago

    there is no competitive gamers. its competitive walleteers

  70. Creatip

    Creatip20 days ago

    Asus in 2023: 2000Hz monitor!! Short term epilepsy and long term alzheimer is a guarantee!!

  71. neoholmen

    neoholmen20 days ago

    i am upgrading from a 60hz so im fine with it not beeing that much better than a 240

  72. Viet-Anh Tran

    Viet-Anh Tran20 days ago

    It will help you to hit those trickshots

  73. Dodcio Challenger

    Dodcio Challenger21 day ago

    360hz is smth we need to deserve i got a 60hz for years and when 144hz and 240hz came out holy shit it makes soo much sence and sence the 360hz exist and its way better your wrong linus tech we do deserve this monitor all buy it idc lol

  74. Derp

    Derp21 day ago

    Corsair actually sponsored this video after secret shopper

  75. Admiral Jordan

    Admiral Jordan21 day ago

    Less.. noticable... Coronas.... virus

  76. avocado FN

    avocado FN22 days ago

    asus should make a 40hz monitor for people like me

  77. MakeSh00t

    MakeSh00t22 days ago

    But people still play on 60hz while i played in year 1992 at 85 hz crt monitor 1024x768 resolution... And i can see difference 240hz 120hz 144hz when you move fast mouse left and right less lag presents.

  78. Lenard Canillo Gaming

    Lenard Canillo Gaming22 days ago

    i will buy that monitor so that my solitair gameplay would be better than what my play yesterday

  79. kapahaLa

    kapahaLa22 days ago

    watching in sucks man

  80. yung josh

    yung josh22 days ago

    >average gamers jesus

  81. Genjink 2

    Genjink 222 days ago

    Why does linus look like ezscape a littlw

  82. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander Okonek22 days ago

    If only the gamer's eyes and hands are that fast...

  83. Chen Ye Xue

    Chen Ye Xue22 days ago

    rtx 2070 users?

  84. Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams23 days ago

    dobre brothers

  85. Ryan olsen

    Ryan olsen23 days ago

    I really hope the LAST gaming monitor will be a 1000hz one.

  86. Alex Wang

    Alex Wang23 days ago

    Wow... that.. *hertz* a lot. ',:)

  87. Team Rainbow

    Team Rainbow23 days ago

    Fortnut kids seeing this vid: OH YEAH MOOOOOOOOM GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD!

  88. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke21 day ago

    Lol 😂

  89. 4SceneProductions

    4SceneProductions23 days ago

    Linus shroud wants to do another video with you with 360 mghz monitor

  90. Amin

    Amin23 days ago

    2:23 i love the fact that he has a cat on his tshirt and also has a tshirt full of cat hair

  91. Aek_Nerd

    Aek_Nerd24 days ago

    @linus. This dude stold your video.

  92. Kanchan Ranjan.

    Kanchan Ranjan.24 days ago

    My dad has this monitor and many things he's crazy about

  93. catfree

    catfree25 days ago

    *coughs in CRT*

  94. Sara Valestein

    Sara Valestein25 days ago

    Obviously staged but good effort.

  95. Lome Swirl

    Lome Swirl26 days ago

    walmart in 2020: where are all the 360hz monitors at??? walmart in 2090: where are all the 1000hz monitors at???

  96. Leon Vočanec

    Leon Vočanec26 days ago

    1:57 voice crack xd

  97. Michael Hall

    Michael Hall26 days ago

    I can't wait to see the LTT review of the new Alienware AW2521H and AW2721D

  98. Skippy Dinglechalk

    Skippy Dinglechalk26 days ago


  99. That Tall Guy

    That Tall Guy26 days ago

    wtf that beard looks pretty good

  100. Sekooo

    Sekooo26 days ago

    If oled is fastest, why they don't make oled monitors??

  101. Dean Spall

    Dean Spall26 days ago

    You look like Jake Paul a little bite with the beard

  102. Дмитрий Шевяков

    Дмитрий Шевяков28 days ago

    So, in the end, buy this monitor for CS-GO? Or is it ZOWIE XL2546S 240Hz DyAc⁺ 24.5 inch e-Sports Monitor?