ULTIMATE Water Cooled Gaming Chair!!

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No AC? NO PROBLEM. Who needs to cool the whole room when you can cool just yourself! A handful of parts and a little VHB tape is all it takes to make your own Sweaty-Ass-B-Gone 9000™.
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  1. Gerard Nazareno

    Gerard NazarenoHour ago


  2. Turner Pendergrass

    Turner PendergrassDay ago

    Why not a plastic pouch with welded channels... Think a hybrid between IV bags and bubble wrap. Increases the area of liquid exposed to the surface of the chair and allows the pressure from the pump to support the body entirely with water... Hybrid water cooled waterbed chair.

  3. Katelyn Midkiff

    Katelyn MidkiffDay ago

    Water cooled bed? Oh wait🤭🥴

  4. Small Hats Hate Truth

    Small Hats Hate Truth2 days ago

    Aren't we like 90 percent water?

  5. NovaRanger

    NovaRanger2 days ago

    Imagine having a setup where you can urinate while on this similar chair and the urine would be utilized for cooling the butt.. and no more pee bottles under the chair.. 🤣😂

  6. Auprotim Ghosh

    Auprotim Ghosh2 days ago

    Phew Linus didn't end up water cooling his wife😅😅😌😌

  7. WeeklyHow

    WeeklyHow3 days ago

    why tho?

  8. Keanu Chungus

    Keanu Chungus3 days ago

    No one: Linus beard tips

  9. Tz twilight

    Tz twilight3 days ago

    the next thing you will know there will be a water cooled mouse or keybourd

  10. Fux3 C

    Fux3 C4 days ago

    Can i just say that humans are water-cooled. It's sweet, sweet, sweat. I suppose it would be salty swear. I know Linus, but please don't overclock my cooling system 😆

  11. Dr.Pepper

    Dr.Pepper4 days ago

    you have to patten this idea!!

  12. Rudro Uger

    Rudro Uger5 days ago

    Next video Lie-nus Water cooler....Free??😕

  13. KaneThomo

    KaneThomo6 days ago

    What happens if my fat ass compress the tubes ?? Just brought one from LTT store and I think my ass broke it.

  14. Ridhwan Fathurrohman

    Ridhwan Fathurrohman6 days ago

    Watercooling a pillow

  15. Babar Hussain

    Babar Hussain7 days ago

    A few years later...we watwrcool a toilet!!!

  16. Adam Sadowski

    Adam Sadowski7 days ago

    Next video: Overclocking the watercooled RGB gaming mouse pad

  17. Bruh Meme

    Bruh Meme9 days ago

    #first one out

  18. Creatip

    Creatip9 days ago

    More effective way is to wear a biohazmat suit (maybe without the helmet), and watercool it. Pump in water from above, pump out from the bottom. Guaranteed to keep you cool for hours, before hypothermia sets in.....

  19. Shall Maddocks

    Shall Maddocks9 days ago

    Hey, I know this is a weird question (and probably not the best place to ask) but I'm trying to help a friend out. They have a prosthetic leg and during hot days it gets so sweaty that it falls off. Upon hearing this I immediately thought of this video. i was wondering if anyone had any tipson trying to miniaturise this so that it would be lightweight and wearable. any suggestions appreciated!

  20. janmichael marcelino

    janmichael marcelino9 days ago

    should i tell him we sweat, Fan cooled> water cooled > bio Cooled

  21. HiddenMjolnir

    HiddenMjolnir10 days ago

    The fact he isn't pausing the game when showing the chairs bothers me more than it should

  22. Gabe Legaspi

    Gabe Legaspi11 days ago

    b. r. u. h

  23. Miguel Espino

    Miguel Espino12 days ago

    Water cooled chair to stop butt from sweating

  24. SImposter

    SImposter14 days ago

    i want you guys to do a water cooled glass of water

  25. Tanning Tanspotty

    Tanning Tanspotty14 days ago

    Okay now I see a chair is very unnecessary to be cooled

  26. Selim Yetkin

    Selim Yetkin15 days ago

    Some rumors said if u plug the power to ur ars than that is worthy!

  27. Toadster 314

    Toadster 31416 days ago

    In case you want to replicate it he says

  28. A SoftE Hello World

    A SoftE Hello World16 days ago

    I will not say I taked the drill and made holes on my chair ☺️☺️☺️, free cooling holes😏🤐

  29. Ahmad Fadly

    Ahmad Fadly17 days ago

    just use your bathtub while pc gaming... lyf hacked...

  30. Ho ZhenPeng

    Ho ZhenPeng19 days ago

    can you please review the other cooling chairs on the market and compare to ULTIMATE Water Cooled Gaming Chair!!!!!! it would be hilarious!

  31. TetrisTerry

    TetrisTerry19 days ago

    They should call this series “will it watercool”

  32. Thomas Brandt

    Thomas Brandt19 days ago

    I speak for the fish geeks when I say: You're welcome! We're glad you were able to do something silly and over the top with our hardware!

  33. zerxis blances

    zerxis blances20 days ago

    Water cool monitor pls

  34. you should not

    you should not21 day ago

    I'm surprised that this does not have RGB

  35. Liam Sonmor

    Liam Sonmor22 days ago

    Lol I would buy this. One of my biggest struggles playing games is that my back and legs get really warm and uncomfortable

  36. Indra exe

    Indra exe22 days ago

    Would like to see a blood bypass machine with the chiller for aquariums


    HORIZON YT26 days ago

    Whaaa happen to linus's eye

  38. Joel Evans

    Joel Evans26 days ago

    Can we bring back whole room water cooling with the chairs added this time?😂

  39. SissioMisio

    SissioMisio26 days ago


  40. BozakBruh

    BozakBruh27 days ago

    but why? just why?

  41. I M P E R A T O R

    I M P E R A T O R27 days ago

    This is how progress is made

  42. CrispyCrystal

    CrispyCrystal27 days ago

    Wut ?

  43. C_lin

    C_lin28 days ago

    water cooled bed when?

  44. LightJack05

    LightJack0529 days ago

    Technicaly you could just switch the cooler for a heater in winter.

  45. Ricardo Silva

    Ricardo SilvaMonth ago

    Just, why?

  46. GREED SIN777

    GREED SIN777Month ago

    Next video is gonna be water “cooling wife”

  47. Tek Legion

    Tek LegionMonth ago

    6:20 Love you linus lol :)

  48. Xenay

    XenayMonth ago

    Dog gel cool mats are a thing you know.

  49. Martin Lebl

    Martin LeblMonth ago

    Watercooled chairs should be how you make your money. Damn it, make it happen. We need this.

  50. Martin Lebl

    Martin LeblMonth ago

    I need this. Make it a product, and take my credit card number already. With work from home I need this, and any gaming use will be cherry on the top.

  51. Joshua Martin

    Joshua MartinMonth ago

    This is super cool, but it would be even cooler if you put both chillers on it.

  52. Chaotic Candy

    Chaotic CandyMonth ago

    what i was wondering are you guys sure the tubes are not getting crushed when someone is sitting in it

  53. pri Di

    pri DiMonth ago

    One day he will water cool himself and his crew members...

  54. MatthiasAI

    MatthiasAIMonth ago

    I could have used one of these during the lockdown!! :0 10/10 will try to copy for next summer!

  55. MonoNoodles

    MonoNoodlesMonth ago

    If you want the opposite of this chair, check out *ElectroBOOM's* channel lmao


    MADE IN HEWINMonth ago

    The best water cooling technique is Take a water bottle and drop it in the face

  57. Vincent Kam

    Vincent KamMonth ago

    What pc case is that? Or when is the build video for it? Looks pretty nice.

  58. T_L_K

    T_L_KMonth ago

    Аудитория не та, но очень интересно...


    DVRK MVTTERMonth ago

    I’m more happy about Linus playing doom in the background this is a real man ladies and gentlemen

  60. stonegames sm

    stonegames smMonth ago

    When he picked up the pink bottle i was wondering when he was gone say LTTSTORE.COM

  61. stonegames sm

    stonegames smMonth ago

    When you have a gaming chair that uses more power then you 3d printer

  62. Nox

    NoxMonth ago

    PS5 isn't the future of gaming, watercooled gaming chairs are.

  63. Mateusz Matczuk

    Mateusz MatczukMonth ago

    One question... for what? :D

  64. xUnion

    xUnionMonth ago

    laughs in mesh

  65. Rod Duarte

    Rod DuarteMonth ago

    So the obvious next step here is talking to car companies about how THEY do this. A channel this big might be able to get a reply, maybe they sponsor the next one and improve the design? :-)

  66. O&BRG&C

    O&BRG&CMonth ago

    i have 300w gpu a power hungry gtx 970

  67. Wali Rahman

    Wali RahmanMonth ago

    Ok bois we water-cooled our asses

  68. Arnaldo Conceição

    Arnaldo ConceiçãoMonth ago

    I think it needs RGB

  69. En Trattkatt Med En Underbar Hatt

    En Trattkatt Med En Underbar HattMonth ago

    Linus when he relises that human sweat

  70. Jafar Mahdavi

    Jafar MahdaviMonth ago

    I can't wait for ver.2 of this monstrosity so I can try it out

  71. Bros Does

    Bros DoesMonth ago

    Next up: rgb underwear

  72. SaRaKi LoVeR BoY

    SaRaKi LoVeR BoYMonth ago


  73. Shawn David

    Shawn DavidMonth ago

    linus plz make a gaming tv like 75 inch smart tv upgraded with gaming parts

  74. Snuskedundret

    SnuskedundretMonth ago

    So that's a load of shit. Put an AC in your room and you'll be cooler as well, making the chair cooler.

  75. carson998 lismo

    carson998 lismoMonth ago

    When someone is water cooling a chair and you cant cool your pc

  76. prune eater

    prune eaterMonth ago

    no backrest? huh

  77. prune eater

    prune eaterMonth ago


  78. sjj

    sjjMonth ago

    2° is the difference between the warm pool in the cold pool, yes Linus but we’re not talking about being submerged in water we are talking about the chair that is being felt through layers of clothing. this water co-chair is the biggest indicator that Linus is running out of ideas I have seen in a long time

  79. Leo Rio

    Leo RioMonth ago

    I really would love so much if you did this water cooled chair hahaha unfurtonetly living in Brazil I would not have the money to pay for shipping haha

  80. akmal renza adi wijaya

    akmal renza adi wijayaMonth ago

    Water cooled gaming mouse would be cool, no pun intended

  81. Just a normal guy in the forest

    Just a normal guy in the forestMonth ago

    what about watercooling beds and pillow

  82. Nathan Maclamare

    Nathan MaclamareMonth ago

    That's all good, but have you watercooled a watercooler?

  83. zector

    zectorMonth ago

    "This is more efficient, this is Eco friendly" No, far from it.

  84. Heavy Weapons

    Heavy WeaponsMonth ago

    Please do this for my bed

  85. Gamer Van

    Gamer VanMonth ago

    Me just seeing the title WHY???

  86. YamiGekusu

    YamiGekusuMonth ago

    Pimp my Chair

  87. Vron

    VronMonth ago

    But why

  88. BaSkA

    BaSkAMonth ago

    *1:46** that probably didn't hurt the fins.*

  89. DCtropical C

    DCtropical CMonth ago

    I want to apply this to a racing seat in my car cause it gets VERY hot during the summer, I need it

  90. white wolf dylan

    white wolf dylanMonth ago

    What’s next water cooled humans

  91. AussieAdapt

    AussieAdaptMonth ago

    Water cooled headset

  92. Quacky

    QuackyMonth ago

    Next time water cool yo shoes :)

  93. justnobody

    justnobodyMonth ago

    or just buy an ac .

  94. WisemanProductions

    WisemanProductionsMonth ago

    The temperature of my room is 16 degrees without aircon I live in the uk

  95. Timynator

    TimynatorMonth ago

    now that in a nice steampunk designe...is what i need

  96. jameswalker199

    jameswalker199Month ago

    My fat arse would appreciate those side bits being water cooled, too.

  97. Redoz

    RedozMonth ago

    "We'll give you the 3d print file if you want to replicate this yourself" Proceeds to use a freaking laser

  98. jameswalker199

    jameswalker199Month ago

    Buy a cheap soldering iron and a sacrificial tip that you can gunk up with burned foam and not worry about damaging it.

  99. Artofficial

    ArtofficialMonth ago

    I had a generic gaming chair with foam .. it gets too hot yeah. I have one with a mesh back and seat and it's WAY better. Put a lil fan behind you and you're good to go.

  100. Cory Sennett

    Cory SennettMonth ago

    There’s only one the left to do... water cool a water cooler

  101. JustImax

    JustImaxMonth ago

    no one: Linus: whats better than a gaming chair.. a water cooled gaming chair