Intel lost the game - AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal

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Dr. Lisa Su has guided AMD in three short years from being the scrappy underdog to finally overtaking Intel’s best in nearly every category. Where do we go from here?
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  1. delgande

    delgande18 hours ago

    If it wasn't for AMD we,d STILL be getting 4 core i7s

  2. Miles Sand

    Miles SandDay ago

    Damn it I just lost the game.

  3. Kokainarienv0gel

    Kokainarienv0gel2 days ago

    RIP AMD you lost in price/performance, the only thing AMD was good at

  4. Zackarias94

    Zackarias943 days ago

    sounds good but its impossible to get one so good job amd

  5. Crazy Sounds

    Crazy Sounds6 days ago

    Bro i like your videos but sometimes you use some much computer jargon; it's disgusting! I only lasted 8 minutes on this video.

  6. Keith Dinn

    Keith Dinn6 days ago

    Amd sucks intel helped build everything you see around dont let the asian market take over wake up.

  7. Sebastian Rogers

    Sebastian Rogers9 days ago

    All intel has to do is to team up with Nvidia and its game over for AMD

  8. Arianto Subogo

    Arianto Subogo8 days ago

    Nvidia owns ARM processor. Wait for it.

  9. Tekno77

    Tekno778 days ago

    Well that's never going to happen because Intel is making their own GPUs which means they're competing with Nvidia GPUs. And even then, these companies are not friends like you Intel fanboys think.

  10. kyis333

    kyis33311 days ago

    INTEL never lose against the amd... ;)

  11. Foxy

    Foxy11 days ago

    Remember Remember the Fifth of November... That definitely sounds like Revolution.

  12. Device Casting Couch - Tech Podcast

    Device Casting Couch - Tech Podcast13 days ago

    Intel lost the game as soon as they got comfortable with always being in the lead, and started diverting funds and R&D to other projects. Then AMD came out of nowhere and stole the show. I believe it'll take several years before Intel starts trading blows again.

  13. Michael Holm

    Michael Holm14 days ago

    Intel sucks for gaming Ryzen wins for gaming

  14. Mizu Bucket

    Mizu Bucket15 days ago

    Should I refund my Ryzen 5 3600xt or is it gonna be ages before I can get my hands on a Ryzen 5 5600x?

  15. GeneralGod

    GeneralGod14 days ago

    If you have a 400 or 500 series mobo, def refund for a 5600x.


    MANVENDRA SINGH16 days ago

    I came here from Alan Walker playlist

  17. jcMarcell

    jcMarcell17 days ago

    Amd went crazy on the FX cpu. Got my 4300 to 5ghz OC.

  18. Aj Jingco

    Aj Jingco17 days ago

    Ryzen 3 is almost GOOD for Gaming, you just need a dedicated Graphics Card to turn it into a Beast.

  19. Ondrej Hlavenka

    Ondrej Hlavenka17 days ago

    I'm still waiting for the straight face.

  20. Stewie J

    Stewie J18 days ago

    5:26 How very brachistochrone of you

  21. Dimitris

    Dimitris18 days ago

    Too bad B350 won't support these :(

  22. Dilawarkhan Sattar

    Dilawarkhan Sattar18 days ago

    How much money are paid to saied that

  23. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas18 days ago

    So did AMD cannibalize the Ryzen 9 3950X?

  24. Ric Sanches

    Ric Sanches18 days ago

    AMD has Ryzen

  25. David Molinari

    David Molinari18 days ago

    Intel is not telling!

  26. Saeed Ranjbari

    Saeed Ranjbari20 days ago

    Can you Also compare whether the performance of amd 5000 is better in linux than windows 10 pro 64

  27. JaedenRed

    JaedenRed20 days ago

    I like how everyone is concerned about the price bump without realizing Intel's previous price bumps, which were fucking ginormous.

  28. Flag

    Flag20 days ago

    Amd FINALLY caught up...good work...

  29. Rectal Discourse

    Rectal Discourse21 day ago

    Intel: Salt Lake

  30. POWER Mohammed

    POWER Mohammed21 day ago

    the gaming benchmarks were proven wrong i don't hate amd or anything i think that amd has a excellent performance especially for productivity but for some reason the intel i9 10900k still brings better gaming performance then the ryzen 9 5950x and they claim that the ryzen 5 5600x brings a much much much better performance then the intel core i9 10900k can someone explain me why the benchmarks are wrong because this'll prove that intel still has a better performance per dollar

  31. bharti jha

    bharti jha21 day ago

    I am gonna sue dr.lisa su for kicking a dead body.

  32. JoeMama MC

    JoeMama MC21 day ago

    All the intel idiots crying rn

  33. DewGaming

    DewGaming22 days ago

    AMD 5600x with MB costs 525 US $ and the I5-10600k with MB costs 430 US $ here. So if you don't have the extra 95$ to spare for an avaverge of 3-7 FPS more. Doesn't seems like it would matter though, but clearly AMD had made a huge comback (Nope I'm neither AMD nor Intel fanboy, I have had both through the times)

  34. Nathaniel Christmas

    Nathaniel Christmas22 days ago

    who else is ready for "the most powerful pc in 2021"

  35. Kent Bergström

    Kent Bergström23 days ago

    Rocket Lake will take back the gaming crown to Intel again.

  36. Carlo Leon

    Carlo Leon23 days ago

    Why removing the Coolers from the Cpu in the box? I get it that a lot of peple buys a cooler extra, but people like me upgrade that on the road. And the pricing is starting to be higher and higher, and I don't like that. Intel shoud survive for a healthy competition and free market for the people. Don't get me wrong, intel had this coming and Im glad it did, but I dont want them to crumble completely.

  37. Okin Arierom

    Okin Arierom23 days ago

    A testimony that women are capable! Lifting AMD back into the leading game after 14 years is no small thing, and ultimately good for the consumer.

  38. Imran Khan Omi

    Imran Khan Omi23 days ago


  39. Neucore

    Neucore23 days ago

    How did intel lose? Their NEW cpu's are going to be compared to intels new generation of CPU's in a few months, which nobody has the specs for. It's not fair to compare the 5800x to the i7 10700k when the 5800x is almost $100 more... It's more comparable to the 3700x... which intel beats. I don't understand why AMD users don't get this.

  40. Hammer Flex

    Hammer Flex23 days ago

    Thank you Linus, I finally will see this Dr. Lisa Su LoL

  41. vicissitude1

    vicissitude124 days ago

    Imagine paying 1000€+ for CPU+MB and not even getting AVX512 in 2020. Doesn't matter gotta CONSOOM.

  42. Indeed Interesting

    Indeed Interesting24 days ago

    Well, It's not like I can afford the latest CPU builds, even from AMD. Ryzen 5 3400g go brrr.

  43. siphano00

    siphano0025 days ago

    F for intel

  44. Delta BoXeR

    Delta BoXeR25 days ago

    Yeah so the new AMD beats the old Intel. Then the new Intel Beats the new AMD. Then the New AMD Beats the intel.... This goes on and on. There is no surprises here.

  45. Navtaj Pelia

    Navtaj Pelia25 days ago

    How many times will glasswire sponsor u?

  46. afwdawd awdwadw

    afwdawd awdwadw25 days ago

    linus is a pro in mixing in sponsors.

  47. Thanh Do Huu

    Thanh Do Huu25 days ago

    The performance uplift is nice but with the price hike and the lack of cooler included, their value proposition got worse. But I guess since AMD already have the 3000 series still going strong that serve value oriented customers well enough, they rather not have their 5000 series cannibalize that segment when they don't have to since Intel's offers struggle to compete.

  48. T01HIG5vb2Jz

    T01HIG5vb2Jz25 days ago

    Intel lost the game... in Cinebench 😭

  49. fekanix

    fekanix25 days ago

    can you guys pls make a pc building video for different price ranges with the new gpu and cpus considered ?

  50. FrostTwoHeat PSN and TWITCH

    FrostTwoHeat PSN and TWITCH25 days ago

    Pre-ordered my 5900x last night at 12 am. Now just gotta wait till its done on back order

  51. AmrDesuu

    AmrDesuu25 days ago

    I want to buy a new rtx 3080 and 5600 amd but I think ps5 is more cheaper Ps5 = 500 dollar Only gpu and cpu = 1000 dollar

  52. tucci06

    tucci0625 days ago

    Intel loses when AMD has stock. I get 0 fps with 0 CPUs. That shit was gone in literally under 10 seconds.

  53. Fatboygetdown

    Fatboygetdown26 days ago

    i got a i7 10700 to replace my ryzen 2700x and i was very happy i did... my ryzen constantly had problems running my games the way i liked... i got intel and it all stopped

  54. Anonymous Unique

    Anonymous Unique26 days ago

    Uh would mind pls doing comparison with the 4000 series cpu?

  55. R R

    R R26 days ago

    best transition ever to glasswire

  56. exodus2oo

    exodus2oo26 days ago

    Team red wins big this year on both fronts now

  57. mikethered123

    mikethered12326 days ago

    Nice weed eyes? Could be my imagination, though.

  58. Super User

    Super User26 days ago

    Intel inside kidney outside

  59. Super User

    Super User26 days ago

    Intel 11 is coming

  60. John Mion

    John Mion26 days ago

    Of course, the fact that you cannot purchase these, just like nvidia 3000 series vid cards, will have no affect on the glowing reviews.

  61. Drew Logan123

    Drew Logan12326 days ago

    On AMD's website they are selling the 5600x for $100 more, wtf

  62. Wooly

    Wooly26 days ago

    I just got a csgo cheats ads on llt video What the actual fuck?

  63. Farzin Asgari

    Farzin Asgari26 days ago

    already sold out :(

  64. MdahTube

    MdahTube26 days ago

    inna weird story twist: Amd's dr Lisa Su and nVidia's Jensen Huang are secretly married!! inna further bet-you-never-saw-that-coming development, they are actually BROTHER AND SISTER!

  65. Zah Kam

    Zah Kam26 days ago

    0:36 ..... Is the guy wearing Womans shoes?? Heels??

  66. Calistin

    Calistin26 days ago

    Nov 5, 10:22 am and so far it's a soft launch......

  67. Seth K

    Seth K26 days ago

    i laugh at the look on your face when your mouth had to puke out "flacid hold....." LOL

  68. SaNya*Mr

    SaNya*Mr26 days ago

    Почему все производители, завышают характеристики? С какими процессорами идет сравнение?

  69. solidpunch1

    solidpunch126 days ago

    Linus is baked in this video I'm sure of it.

  70. TChun Media

    TChun Media26 days ago

    I ordered a 5950x and a 5900x. Cant wait till they come in.

  71. Fasil Ahamed

    Fasil Ahamed26 days ago

    Today Is November 5th you're ready to review this AMD CPU!!!

  72. Greg Allen

    Greg Allen26 days ago

    AMD's website states that the Ryzen™ 9 5900X will be released on 5 November 2020. However, it is now 4 November 2020 at 10:40pm PST and I cannot find it listed on any website for sale. Is it going to be available for sale then or not? What's up with these companies? I'm trying to build a new computer to replace my 6 year old rig and I cannot get parts...

  73. Greg Allen

    Greg Allen26 days ago

    @airguitarist21 Thanks for the info! Going to preorder it now...

  74. airguitarist21

    airguitarist2126 days ago

    Not sure if you found it yet but B&H has preorders live now and Newegg is set to go live at 6am PST

  75. GamersDen

    GamersDen26 days ago

    Now Now Linus its not good to Drop your Sponsor in Future Who wil Sponsor you !!!!!

  76. Anuj Tomar

    Anuj Tomar26 days ago

    I am still on ryzen 5 1600, got in in 2017, still running like first day . Fast and smooth, i am amazed by the performance actually .. never faced lag or any hang issues .. overall it was a good choice going with amd ..

  77. Siddharth Bisht

    Siddharth Bisht26 days ago

    Don't update your bios again if you use intel XTU and intel processor.. They are locking away undervolting

  78. Siddharth Bisht

    Siddharth Bisht26 days ago

    AMD Launching today 😂

  79. Hypzard

    Hypzard26 days ago

    no. Just no

  80. thefreakgamer1080p

    thefreakgamer1080p26 days ago

    I hope amd absolutely destoyes intel.

  81. PixelWolf155 :p

    PixelWolf155 :p26 days ago

    AMD will destroy Intel. There's know hoping on that, only knowing it. :)

  82. CursedFox

    CursedFox26 days ago

    this is the amd upgrade ive been waiting for big navi and 5950forrrr meeeee

  83. Gregarious Solitudinist

    Gregarious Solitudinist27 days ago

    whua whua whua whua. gaming machine. whua whua whua. every new iteration only proves one thing. it is a slow cartoon. always has been. always will be.

  84. atakan türkyılmaz

    atakan türkyılmaz27 days ago

    i remember commends on 5700xt..woww amazing card woow nvidia done !! truth is my 3 pals bought 5700xt and 3 month later they want to change with nvidia cuz black screen and driver looking those 16 gb ram on them and say to myself ohh yeah for 4k i need buy one of them..but we will see the looks great on advirtisement level if they will have driver issues and especially black screen issues..amd will lost many buyers ( they allready did with 5700xt ) ..i still hope cards has zero issue like nvidia cards then i ll buy one..time will show

  85. Astro Gamer

    Astro Gamer27 days ago

    clicks bell and subscribe icon*

  86. Astro Gamer

    Astro Gamer27 days ago

    keep up those videos!

  87. emptyforrest

    emptyforrest27 days ago

    feels nice with the recent uptic in cpu power. it have been quite stagnant for years,

  88. CBL

    CBL27 days ago

    Linus: Intel lost the game Also Linus: Lets build a gaming pc with an Intel processor.

  89. Mark Arnott

    Mark Arnott27 days ago

    Linus your lack of faith is disburbing 💚 💥

  90. Mauicez

    Mauicez27 days ago


  91. Han Kiat Ng

    Han Kiat Ng27 days ago

  92. I TerrorPista

    I TerrorPista27 days ago

    Just wait until it comes out... Might not be that great, but if it is, GG AMD.

  93. Ezio Onam

    Ezio Onam27 days ago

    I don't understand why this video is in Alan Walker's mask off playlist ( ̄ヘ ̄;)

  94. Teenage Gamer

    Teenage Gamer27 days ago

    Can't wait to see the all AMD buildguide. PLEASE.

  95. Ninja Doge

    Ninja Doge27 days ago

    Adios intel

  96. ドラコイアント-日本ではない

    ドラコイアント-日本ではない27 days ago

    Me how still use gen 3 i5: ok my money is not STONK plus its take a whole new motherboard to change to that so yeah (crying inside)

  97. Steve

    Steve25 days ago

    No worries yours still fine My 3rd gen i3 on my laptop still zippy through given task till it broke yesterday...

  98. Kolgrim1988

    Kolgrim198827 days ago

    Back to netburst strategy for Intel.

  99. Obi Wan Cannabi

    Obi Wan Cannabi28 days ago

    How will they play KSP 1/2 tho, real CPU intensive games should get a test, ONI is another, load up a save file and hit the button to start, launch the same craft, start the same day, with different CPU's should be a piece of piss to get a real benchmark, showing stutters or average frames, peak gains and losses. ya'll keep testing games that arent really CPU bound

  100. Dr Peter jones

    Dr Peter jones28 days ago

    Why? How many names changes will it take intel to be competative again? Professionals continue to avoid intel spy engines,price fixing, and data harvesting microsoft. Enterprise users have moved very quickly to unix based systems,more powerful cooler AMD chips that dont have the idea of steeling your data. This leaves the retail buyer? Apple has dumped intel chips due to amongst other considerations price fixing and failure to put money into r and d due to poor management. So Apple based on ARM chips. Its high risk and will take many years to get it right, this could only be acheived like oracle in a closed eco system from the industry standard x86 software industry default. People have lost all confidence in intel some years ago when they started alledgedly price fixing,hardware restrictive practice,and decline in R and D due to alledged industry monopoly practices. AMD is here to stay. Whilst the hardware manufacturers like the phone manufacturers concentrate on low to midrange products it seems that this intel chip is not enough and too expensive without FUNDERMENTAL change within the management at intel..

  101. Obet Hernandes

    Obet Hernandes28 days ago

    Should i buy a motherboard right this second for 5950x or should i wait till 5900x release date, should i buy aorus b550f pro or strix b550f gaming or go for x570? Im planning in overclocking, i will be trying to buy 6900xt

  102. Colour Wolf Kean

    Colour Wolf Kean28 days ago

    the transistor count is crazy

  103. Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

    Jimmy The Powerful ! FU28 days ago

    MAGA 2020 my friend ! Thank you for being such a great Trump supporter!!!!!

  104. LPerez430

    LPerez43028 days ago

    6 core APU gimme that shit

  105. Make 6752

    Make 675228 days ago

    Good video it was very helpful! Keep it goinig! :D

  106. L Raja

    L Raja28 days ago

    My i3 and pentium processor still does the job well.. I'm not going to launch a rocket to own a amd 5k series

  107. Gary Xin

    Gary Xin28 days ago

    Intel fanboys are punching the air rn