Tech Support NIGHTMARE - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 3

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It's finally time again for PC Secret Shopper - where we document the entire experience of ordering a gaming system from your favourite PC system integrators. In this part, we trial their tech support with a routine memory issue.
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  1. HobbsHobbies

    HobbsHobbies21 minute ago

    i pressed f but it just exited fullscreen didn't pay respects, rip

  2. hiremenow2

    hiremenow237 minutes ago

    Are....Are you guys in a paint booth?

  3. Eric Steingraber

    Eric SteingraberHour ago

    The worst part with dell is that he paid for onsite Tech support after phone diagnostic according to the invoice. I don't know what there policy is with Covid but they get screwed when ordering and then can't take advantage of the service they didn't want in the first place.

  4. Oscar Reyes

    Oscar Reyes2 hours ago

    About CyberPower. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the tech rep could be on a timer. Some companies use third party tech support and pay per call taken, so the more calls you handled, the more money the third company will make. CyberPower could be using third party tech support. I used to work a DSL tech support company and they had us on a timer. We had to keep the call around the 8 mins mark (back in the day) so no matter what, we had to keep it short. Even if we had to lie to the costumer to get them off the phone!

  5. Curtis Burns

    Curtis Burns2 hours ago

    Do not purchase a Dell Refurbished computer. I purchased a Dell Precision laptop in June and it already needs a replacement Motherboard and SSD drive. Under Australian Consumer Law I am entitled to a refund, but Dell are choosing to break the law and refuse to refund me.

  6. 1ifemare

    1ifemare3 hours ago

    "Hello, thank you for calling tech support, my name is F*#K" That bleep has been used so long to block out swearing, I can't help hearing it when you use it for something else.

  7. Xcel

    Xcel5 hours ago

    Are ubguys really im a paint booth lmfao!

  8. Mirko

    Mirko5 hours ago

    HP has pretty solid HW now. I am old school. HP has always been crap when I worked the bench. My new Laptop a 4700U HP ProBook. Only came with one stick of 16GB. Wasn't planning on running 32GB in my laptop but I am not going to use single channel. VERY NICE Laptop!

  9. Green Fox

    Green Fox5 hours ago

    What's the background music? It almost sounds like Cowboy Bebop, but not quite.

  10. W&D Perez

    W&D Perez6 hours ago

    "f" for dell post code engineer

  11. john doe

    john doe6 hours ago

    yeah no mask! Sarah is awesome.

  12. Fernando Ruiz Ayala

    Fernando Ruiz Ayala7 hours ago

    13:38 She droped the RAM while Linus was pasing, what a coincidense

  13. Eshvar Thiag

    Eshvar Thiag7 hours ago

    I got physical pains when she ripped that GPU out

  14. Alexander Scuorzo

    Alexander Scuorzo7 hours ago


  15. Bohdan Lav

    Bohdan Lav8 hours ago

    Just fyi. Some systems will display a post code when they are turned on with the side panel off.

  16. Jon Lejcar

    Jon Lejcar9 hours ago

    Props to Sara for being a champ with this Better buy her a burrito or something for Canadian Christmas

  17. Edge Gaming

    Edge Gaming9 hours ago

    5:11 who’s that

  18. jayo84

    jayo849 hours ago

    You guys should reach out to the all star reps. They did great!

  19. GreenAppelPie

    GreenAppelPie9 hours ago

    Jesus Christ Dell is incompetent. Sarah is a real customer prototype, pulling hard on the video card.

  20. Kryotico

    Kryotico9 hours ago

    the dislikes on this video are dell employees

  21. Tman1010

    Tman101010 hours ago

    5:14 there is someone in the window...

  22. George Arce

    George Arce11 hours ago

    The fact that all this companies outsource the support...

  23. Arif Mohammad

    Arif Mohammad11 hours ago

    5:13 can you find it

  24. Mp Extory

    Mp Extory11 hours ago

    Sarah from the merch department can't caunt. That explains the linus tier merch.

  25. RedWingBlackBird

    RedWingBlackBird11 hours ago

    I have a special problem. I looked around on ibuypower, filled a cart with a custom computer. When I tried to pay, there was a processing error, and it said to call customer service. I called customer service on a toll free, and a toll not free line, and i get a message, my call can't go through. I did not worry much as it did not seem like my order even maade it in. A day later, i get an email, asking if i forgot items in a cart, did not think anything of it, my order had not processed anyway. But the next day, i have been charged, and i have a strange email about how some rep will be personally assigned to me during this whole process. Now i just want to cancel the order, before it even ships or gets assembled. Problem is, i try to call, and I get the message, call cannot go through. Before the line was open, it picked up and said, we're closed, now i get nothing.

  26. william morey

    william morey12 hours ago

    When she ripped that GPU out like that, it cut me deep

  27. Denver Starkey

    Denver Starkey12 hours ago

    i remember when alienware had tech support as quick and good as Origin... then dell happened to AW.

  28. Leonidas K

    Leonidas K12 hours ago

    The cowboy bebop ost in the background is killer

  29. Terran Simpson

    Terran Simpson13 hours ago

    I can't believe this Dell support. Do they have a script? If so, why is the script so trash?

  30. Aquatic Ape

    Aquatic Ape13 hours ago

    25 years of outsourcing customer service to India, and the lessons have not been learned...

  31. Aquatic Ape

    Aquatic Ape13 hours ago

    Jake is by far my least favorite of the audience facing staff... He's so cringey in the way he's petulantly argumentative with Linus about everything, despite being wrong so often. He's the embodiment of the "ackshually" meme.

  32. Shingamba

    Shingamba13 hours ago

    Sarah is the sweetest thing in The ENTIRETY of LTT.

  33. Chikara

    Chikara13 hours ago

    Sarah pulling that gpu out hurt my soul

  34. TheEditorify

    TheEditorify13 hours ago

    It is so awful for you guys to just sit there and make comments about someone who is trying to do his job and maybe not performing well because he is having a bad day while not imagining yourself in the same situation. You know what the problem is you are seeing the video while the other person is trying to help a "ordinary" customer. And also you are exposing people and maybe costing them their job. It is like a commentator shouting at the coach about what he should have done after the game is over. That's arrogance and super cringy.

  35. Ayaan 171 Sharma

    Ayaan 171 Sharma13 hours ago

    People calling dell a call center scam should remember the HP technician was also Indian

  36. Jackson Morgan

    Jackson Morgan14 hours ago

    I feel bad for tech supporter a lot of them have no clue what they are talking about they are just trying to read a script and interpret the issue with very little training but there are also some good tech supporters who actually know what they are talking about

  37. Alexander Vynogradov

    Alexander Vynogradov14 hours ago

    I love the subtitles: "man wearing suit" and "man with blonde hair".

  38. Christian Jørgensen

    Christian Jørgensen14 hours ago

    5:14 random person in the window lol

  39. 2015corvettec7

    2015corvettec714 hours ago

    what on earth is that music, i'm watching an LTT video not eating at Olive Garden lol

  40. Aryxon Razylym

    Aryxon Razylym16 hours ago

    Please more Sarah, she's sexy and cute

  41. Namarrkon

    Namarrkon17 hours ago


  42. DayBeforeU

    DayBeforeU17 hours ago

    She is great! Linus, you have to make a build video with her. A+++ for Sarah

  43. Egon Freeman

    Egon Freeman17 hours ago

    @33:00 -- it may be a bit outdated, but you really can't fault it. Worst-case scenario? It does nothing. Best-case? You don't fry your motherboard. ;-) At least not in that step, anyway...

  44. Ma24fd

    Ma24fd18 hours ago

    We need more videos with Sarah!!! Make her teach us how to do stuff!! Sarah tech tips!

  45. Kata Seiko

    Kata Seiko18 hours ago

    "Bacon Scented Face Masks" - I had to check them out as well. And guess what.. They have an amazing "Do and don'ts" list! "Don't expose the nose. Nose Exposure allows essential bacon scent to escape." And very important: "Don't attempt to eat the breatable bacon mask." Also "Do keep facial orifices snugly covered to enjoy maximum whiffage." You got to love it.

  46. Inflictednote 3

    Inflictednote 318 hours ago

    Dude, that last phone call made me smile and feel so warm ever tho I wasn’t the one making the phone call nor working on the PC.

  47. miga maos

    miga maos19 hours ago

    Sarah was great!

  48. Gav Hastings

    Gav Hastings19 hours ago

    I could only watch a couple of minutes of this before I got too pissed off with the crap customer service and had to turn it off. Damn, I have a Dell, hope I don't run into this in the future. FFS.

  49. jezzermeii

    jezzermeii21 hour ago

    I think I've got Aplustick Anaemia!

  50. Kyle Warner

    Kyle Warner21 hour ago

    I know, I know. I'm spamming the comments. But as a former tech support agent for a couple big companies... Origin and Maingear get my approval.

  51. SlickStretch

    SlickStretch22 hours ago

    Doesn't the switch on the power supply disconnect the power cord? That should be effectively the same as unplugging it, right?

  52. Kyle Warner

    Kyle Warner22 hours ago

    Damn.... "I can't stay on the phone for that long." In all of my jobs as a tech support agent (I've worked 9, including Dell XPS Gold, and Microsoft internal) we were never, ever allowed to say we cannot stay on the phone. I could inform the caller that the procedure would take a fair amount of time, and let them know that I'm confident that the procedure will fix the issue, but if it doesn't, feel free to call back, and the next technician will have a full list of notes of what we've already performed. If they decline, which happened many a time, I got to sit on the call chit-chatting about whatever the caller felt like. I remember one conversation just talking about guitars. (this was back in 06-09, where chkdsk could take an hour, and windows update could easily run 30 minutes). Now, to be clear, pretty much all call centers have call length metrics. But at least for Dell and MS, they were... Kinda ignored. You weren't going to get fired over a 1 hour call. You could however get fired if ALL of your calls take over an hour, because that shows you're just not very good at finding and fixing the issue. P.S. It would help someone like me, with experience in, you know, actually doing tech support, in judging how well these calls were being handled if we knew how she is describing the problem. I suspect it's "I turn on the computer, but nothing shows up on screen".

  53. Rohit Rajak

    Rohit Rajak22 hours ago

    Pressing F to pay respects.

  54. Josiah ch3atcode

    Josiah ch3atcode22 hours ago

    Bacon guy is gunna be super embarrassed when he watches this 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman22 hours ago

    Linus, I have a challenge that I would like to see if you would be willing to take up. I am a helpdesk analyst level one and I love problems every new problem is a new tool in my toolbox to use. Would you be interested in tackling the question of how to get hired by these mega corporations such as HP and Dell and the like on their tech support lines or sales lines? It is a known fact that most of these positions are outsourced to hockey pucks and idiots that you can’t understand from other countries. It is near impossible to find a way through the corporate career websites for each of these companies to be able to apply for a phone tech support position because they usually don’t post them. So would you be willing to take that on as a challenge and educate people that could use a job especially now during the CCP virus tragedy that are available to work from home and have the skills? You would be the first person to be able to actually provide this kind of way deep down inside her information which would be a big feather in your cap.

  56. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman22 hours ago

    The bacon 🥓 mask dude is awesome and hilarious! He ROCKS! Hi am a female help desk analyst that has worked corporate jobs for approximately 25 years. The best tool any helpdesk tech can have is a good personality because that will help your caller to calm down and have confidence that they will be heard and that they will have their hand held confidently. I worked for the Liz Claiborne company which eventually became Kate spade by virtue of “Edward” from the movie pretty woman type of CEO selling off pieces of the company left right and center. My coworkers on the corporate helpdesk (we supported not only the corporate users but the retail stores for their POS systems) nicknamed me the analyst that could talk people down off of ledges. they gave me that nickname because I could take a A person calling in and irate to the level of a seven or an eight and bring them down to an irate calmed down level of a two or a three and at the end of the call they would go away feeling better, like they were listened to and heard and confident that their issue was taken seriously and even if I could not fix it they were confident they had a contact that they could call back to check on the status because they knew I would put it into the hands of the people with the right access or skills to fix the issue even though I could not. Beyond being given any raise in salary that complement is the one thing that I will take with me throughout my entire life as the highest level of success validation for my skills and ability and contribution to any job I have ever had. This gentleman strikes me the same way a confident person all the way around confident in his skills and his ability to hold a customer’s hand.

  57. Kyle Warner

    Kyle Warner22 hours ago

    So, I worked for Dell XPS tech support waaaay back in 2007/08. This is honestly painful to watch. When I applied for Dell way back then, we had a very extensive test just to be considered for hiring. Then, after that test, you have a 2.5 month training period where we got our A+'s, and Microsoft certs. This guy? Obviously got none of that training.

  58. Dylan Houser

    Dylan Houser23 hours ago

    Wow, Maingear did awesome. If I ever did buy a pre-build, it may very well be from them. Absolutely fantastic customer service.

  59. Epsilon Entertainment

    Epsilon Entertainment23 hours ago

    As someone who works in tech support this is super satisfying

  60. kelly marie

    kelly marie23 hours ago

    The dbrand linus face should've been a picture with the beard. But then again idk how many people would want a YT tech channel guys face on their device.... definitely would've gone with your logo or basically anything else other than either of your faces. But I loved this "mini series"? Is that what these are called?

  61. jamesbellyt

    jamesbellyt23 hours ago

    This is like me and my friends play Keep talking and nobody explodes.

  62. Pigeon Man

    Pigeon Man23 hours ago

    32:54 I had a surveillance NVR that would not boot into windows after updating to Windows 10 and updating BIOS. After TWO DAYS on the phone with (Dell...) tech support, we checked everything, iDRAC, bios, firmware, and all. Finally unplugging and holding the power button for 60 secs was what finally got the bios to finish its update and it booted right up. Never underestimate "outdated steps", I did lol

  63. maahgle

    maahgle23 hours ago

    Cyberpower was so dismissive because she said he had already diagnosed it as a gpu there wasn’t much they could do beyond that

  64. Rafay Moeen

    Rafay Moeen23 hours ago

    youtube captions call jake "the blond guy" when he laughs at sarah at near 2 mins

  65. Saffire MLT「サファイア」

    Saffire MLT「サファイア」Day ago

    30:07 I worked for a short bit in a call center. Staffs are trained to make a rapport by talking about daily stuffs and mostly unrelated things to keep the caller engaged in the communication. Being on FB is another thing, but the communication he had is well praised for. Just a lil fyi

  66. william Ribeiro

    william RibeiroDay ago

    I just love seeing someone being appreciated for doing a great job.

  67. Chainsawnicorn

    ChainsawnicornDay ago

    Anyone else hearing the bootleg royalty-free Tank! as the background music? Around 33:50?

  68. Mathew Cube

    Mathew CubeDay ago

    Dark mode LTT intro is *minty bud*

  69. Justin Borman

    Justin BormanDay ago

    We need a sara builds a pc video

  70. Nicolas2465

    Nicolas2465Day ago

    Notice how the better english they speak the better they are at tech support? Yeah.

  71. Dustin Provost

    Dustin ProvostDay ago

    yes i pump my pixels from monitor to the next lmao

  72. Ashkan XFX

    Ashkan XFXDay ago

    I can confirm Dell is the worst

  73. Chase Goodson

    Chase GoodsonDay ago

    Didn't dell sell them the extended warranty that allowed a tech support to go to their location to fix...

  74. daniel lopez roman

    daniel lopez romanDay ago

    OMG, some of this people DONT deserve how little they are getting paid. Im listening to this and im sure that even if i was 12 i would be able to solve the issue

  75. Nathan Middleton

    Nathan MiddletonDay ago

    What are these pauses? It's the Dell Tech finding the right online checklist in his 3rd party supports computer setup. Ugh, that's awful.

  76. Rajesh Karavadi

    Rajesh KaravadiDay ago

    Poor Sarah

  77. Ivs721

    Ivs721Day ago


  78. Harry Leaver

    Harry LeaverDay ago

    Watching the DELL one is just painful 😬😂

  79. Phillip James

    Phillip JamesDay ago

    Are they in a spray booth?

  80. Perplexer1

    Perplexer1Day ago

    Do those Indian accent scammers work for Dell now ?

  81. b ley

    b leyDay ago

    I have a crush on Sarah

  82. Alex Wawroski

    Alex WawroskiDay ago

    "slap me" "can I?!"

  83. Michael Salazar

    Michael SalazarDay ago

    wow im so late

  84. Eric Miller

    Eric MillerDay ago

    Ok bois no1 in phone tech support isn't going to care about their call time We don't need shit tech tips from linus lol "stay on the phone" is a very shit tech tip Maybe hire people who have had real jobs Linus

  85. Christopher Foss

    Christopher FossDay ago

    34:36 The music sounds just like the Cowboy Bebop opening theme song, Tank!

  86. Fratzentoaster

    FratzentoasterDay ago

    Does "783" have some kind of a deeper meaning?

  87. hangm4n

    hangm4nDay ago

    At least in my region in NZ there is no alienware support, regular dell agents support and service the products.

  88. JP Sely

    JP SelyDay ago

    1 like = 1 life

  89. Chill man, chill!

    Chill man, chill!Day ago

    Is Sarah single? I feel like I've asked this on another video but like, she's very very cute

  90. JohnnyBoy Productions

    JohnnyBoy ProductionsDay ago

    This is why you build your own pc kids

  91. Idaefix

    IdaefixDay ago

    "Like you're rewarded by how much calls you get per day" is more "Like you're fired if you don't get enough calls per day" if you ask me...

  92. Michał Kobuszewski

    Michał KobuszewskiDay ago

    For real man, anyone has the right to mess up something the first time. In the end Sarah has fixed a couple of PC's with her own hands, I've sorta felt bad for her with those jokes, I was genuinely impressed!

  93. Sebas Mel

    Sebas MelDay ago

    not even gonna lie, HP has an amazong tech support. I had an OMEN laptop and when its SSD died 4 days after the warranty had expired they asked me to send it back, waived the repair costs as if the warranty had been valid and sent it back with an SSD with a bigger capacity (256 up from 128). they did tell me it was a motherboard issue though, and it was not

  94. Michael Buchler

    Michael BuchlerDay ago

    I love how you bleep out their names. That way I can substitute rude names in honor of all the hours I've waited on similar tech support technicians :P

  95. Pierre

    PierreDay ago

    As someone who has been building computers for 18 years, and giving tech support for 15 years, they have to assume the person on the phone knows absolutely nothing because if they knew something they would build their own computers in the first place.

  96. Omar El Shazli

    Omar El ShazliDay ago

    This secret shopper thing is surprisingly good. Stumbled upon part 1 and started binge watching them all.

  97. Jesse

    JesseDay ago

    I had a CyberpowerPC like 7 years ago and when upgrading my gpu I accidentally unplugged my hard drive and it took like an hour on the phone as welll as several back n forth emails with tech support sending them pictures of my rig and trial and error until I myself realized the hard drive wire was secured tight enough. To this day they still never responded back to my last email requesting help that the pc still wasn’t booting....

  98. Alex Moreau

    Alex MoreauDay ago

    They are sitting in a paint booth....

  99. Daniel Looney

    Daniel LooneyDay ago

    Lol at the CC: "Man wearing suit claps"

  100. X Fade

    X FadeDay ago

    Why are they in a paint booth ?