A $15,000 Network Switch?? - HOLY $H!T

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Back in 2018, we tried out a direct system-to-system 100GbE link with the help of Mellanox. This time, we've got a switch and a plan to deploy what will be our fastest networking EVER. HOLY $H!T.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  1. Matt the 2nd

    Matt the 2nd16 hours ago

    That moment when a network switch is more powerful than your laptop.

  2. kingneutron1

    kingneutron119 hours ago

    Me still having some 100Mbit HW 8-9 years ago: 🤯

  3. Giovanni Giò

    Giovanni Giò2 days ago

    yes we want to se 100G aggregation... that server NEEDS 200 Gbps connectivity

  4. Nicolae Florin Pașca

    Nicolae Florin Pașca2 days ago

    When does Linus get the contract to replace all the world internet network

  5. Nicolae Florin Pașca

    Nicolae Florin Pașca2 days ago

    if is b/w screen is clear that they have ascended to heaven

  6. Anderson Pyaban

    Anderson Pyaban2 days ago

    only Linus takes a 15 grand data center aggregation switch and tests it in a desktop environment.....holy shit

  7. Josh Ladue

    Josh Ladue2 days ago

    I'm just hoping if I watch enough I'll start to understand the language lmao. Or at least be able to build my own computer for the house. Nothing to crazy.

  8. Sandros94

    Sandros943 days ago

    8:05 idk, for my very limited (I don't even have a 10Gb network to test with) testing it looks like that you just need Windows 10 Pro 1803 or later to enable SMB Direct and RDMA, its just a couple of lines that you saw on the microsoft docs (tho the docs still refers to server 2012). So on the editor side you don't actually need those workstation key (?), or if you do is just because that pcie network card is locked on the non-workstation license, and that is just stupid imho.

  9. Marc on WiFi

    Marc on WiFi3 days ago

    Idk why, but I thought the title was $15,000 Nintendo Switch

  10. PCsrot

    PCsrot4 days ago

    Like lightspeeds?

  11. superdriver777

    superdriver7774 days ago

    I may be alone in this, but I think the aesthetics of the Thinkstation are on-point! Understated but still high-performance. You know it means business (both literally and figuratively). If I had $20,000 for a PC, and I actually needed the power, I'd buy one of those puppies over a Mac any day.

  12. Oscarin Castillo

    Oscarin Castillo5 days ago

    He was speaking Spanish the entire vid😓 great work tho👍

  13. Russell Robinson

    Russell Robinson6 days ago

    huhuhu windows 10 education. Its free and allows all the bells and whistles of enterprise to be enabled if needed

  14. tchence

    tchence6 days ago

    every time i see breadless Linus i think oh that was the before times... and man look at that baby face

  15. Wei

    Wei6 days ago

    Alternate title: Why all servers and datacenters use windows instead of Windows

  16. Rahil Jaitly

    Rahil Jaitly7 days ago

    Download GTA v in 10 second

  17. Quantumbro

    Quantumbro8 days ago

    Who farted at 1:05 ?

  18. The Tech Things

    The Tech Things8 days ago

    12:29 - 12:48 Much Respect Editor-san!! 😂😂🙏🏻

  19. William earls

    William earls10 days ago

    anyone else see that the close captions think cinibench is cinibuns

  20. JAnxO

    JAnxO10 days ago

    2.5 GB/s... oh you are surely limited on that one... wow... slow...

  21. Epic Blender Tips

    Epic Blender Tips11 days ago

    so he has more GB/s on lan than my cpu directly connected to nvme ssd! Damn im behind my era

  22. ECS

    ECS11 days ago

    What was that sound at 12:06 lol

  23. JohnR2319881222

    JohnR231988122211 days ago

    Ok, honest question: when was the last time you went just 3 months without changing your editor’s setups? Like, I enjoy it, but you’ve got to be changing stuff so quickly that they can’t actually settle in to a good flow to take advantage of everything.

  24. SM

    SM11 days ago

    Linus, is your head cold or are you balding?

  25. No Fear

    No Fear11 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips, I have question, I am from Poland - don't mind my English, but in place where I work, for us pretty high-end switches are from cisco, we started with Zyxels, then there were HP ones, and now we are - in our happiness - cisco switches, we also use a lot of other gear from Cisco, like IP Phones, are they outdated? Maybe make some video about just IP Phones - not especially cisco ones, I am just curious if place where I work has really low barrier, like we really think those are great with us - although we know how bad at some moments they are ^^ And I also know IP phones are used only in places like this where I am, other people will rather just use telegram, discord, or even skype ^^ Talking from Europe, will not give country exactly, sorry T.T

  26. Shane Moon

    Shane Moon12 days ago

    That's nothing lol. Try 400GbE/port switch fabrics from Arista and Juniper. Could quickly get up to $1million per populated frame.

  27. Justyn Clark

    Justyn Clark13 days ago

    Watch them max this out in the next few years and have to actually implement a proper Fibre Channel SAN

  28. the Unofficial

    the Unofficial13 days ago

    Finally you can go to bathroom and see your cod download are finished when you're back

  29. Fake Man

    Fake Man13 days ago

    His network speed is my total storage😂

  30. Brandon Bishop

    Brandon Bishop14 days ago

    What software would you recommend for local and remote endpoint pc management?

  31. Magnus Kley

    Magnus Kley14 days ago

    Now imagine in like twenty years people will be laughing about that

  32. ChaosTherum

    ChaosTherum14 days ago

    Two things, would it be possible to use a network share as a main drive if so that would be an awesome little experiment to run. Have 4 or 5 workstations that don't have internal harddrives all pulling from a single server maybe do some gaming it could be very interesting.

  33. I9-QnL

    I9-QnL15 days ago

    7:55 Respect for using a G203 and not flexing on us with a Viper Ultimate or something.

  34. David Deboy

    David Deboy15 days ago

    how fast can you load up windows in this fashion?

  35. Christoffer Olsen

    Christoffer Olsen16 days ago

    2:54 - Linus: "Let me know if you wanna se that" Yes i wanne se you guys aggregating two 100gbit connections... i also want to see you do it extreme with 4....just because you can of-course...

  36. Lord Carnor Jax

    Lord Carnor Jax16 days ago

    Me seeing a $15K Dell switch - "that's cute". We've got some Cisco Nexus switches on the deployment bench worth a lot more than that currently. Would have been nice to see a test of 25G NIC's without Windows 10 Workstation license to see the impact of that license alone though.

  37. Carl Howitzer

    Carl Howitzer16 days ago

    Guys, you do not need fast storage in order to benchmark network performance. I just use the CPU and memory using a nifty program called Iperf.

  38. thecaneater

    thecaneater16 days ago

    4:00 "I wanna pull up our other video..." Video never shown. Editors, you have failed Jake, and by extension, you have fail us, the audience.

  39. Filip Šrámek

    Filip Šrámek17 days ago

    1 Gbps ethernet 10 Gbps ethernet 100 Gbps optical What will be next... ...PCI-E networking

  40. Ryder

    Ryder17 days ago

    Question I know some tech stuff but what is a network switch

  41. Tyler Rose

    Tyler Rose17 days ago

    Disliked because there was no segway:/

  42. latebloomer2

    latebloomer217 days ago

    While the company where I am working, plan to upgrade from 100Mbps to 1Gbps this year.🤣

  43. Black Sama

    Black Sama17 days ago

    If you want 40 GBPS for your editors, Why not go 40G Base T with Cable Cat 8 instead of Fiber, it has a 30 mts limit yea but can do 40 GBPS and copper is way cheaper than fiber.

  44. ThunderBlitz

    ThunderBlitz17 days ago

    Why do you keep testing it on Windows?? I want to see linux tests too. Linux Machine - Linux Server, Linux Machine - Windows Server, Windows Machine - Linux Server.

  45. realrishiiscool Gaming

    realrishiiscool Gaming17 days ago

    how did i miss this video

  46. Peet Ka

    Peet Ka17 days ago

    lisus please try a 400gig 8xLACP channel ethernet connection

  47. Peppi

    Peppi18 days ago

    You have 10Gigabit internet synchronous, 25Gigabit for your editors and 100Gigabit to the server. On a lucky day I have 40Mbit Download and 5Mbit Upload (it's the highest i can get at my location in Austria), my PC is connected to the router per powerlan (so over the electrical wire) and my wifi sucks. Also I don't have any options to run my Own Ethernet cables because I'm living in a very old brick home with the wireing in pipes but those pipes are so small it's a pain got run new wire and also nobody knows which electrical wire goes where. So I have a shit ISP and a Home with no Upgrade options it sucks.

  48. Salamon Zsolt

    Salamon Zsolt18 days ago

    Hello linus. Im a freelancer 3d rendering artist. And I want to make a huge improvement of my old 3900x/2080ti build. Im looking for the best Cpu, which is the 3990x now, but Im wondering if a server with dual epyc 7002 will not do a better job... im pretty noob at servers side, so it would be nice to see a video where you could cover all the necesary informations about servers, how to build them and if its worth it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  49. Sepsep

    Sepsep18 days ago


  50. holo mode

    holo mode18 days ago

    So now linus editors r the first people that r actually able to play cod warzone on the day an update is released

  51. Disco Jellyfish

    Disco Jellyfish18 days ago

    When good old hard drives outrun your RAM.

  52. FOC

    FOC18 days ago

    I love Robocopy it's so cool

  53. poo poo

    poo poo19 days ago

    I toughg it was a Nintendo Switch

  54. damorus85

    damorus8519 days ago

    Eleven. Point. 420.... Nice!

  55. Arkadiusz Lepert

    Arkadiusz Lepert19 days ago

    8:21 Cinnabuns

  56. Bitznice Gaming

    Bitznice Gaming19 days ago

    I'll be waiting for the server room upgrade/update video

  57. Jmhm17

    Jmhm1719 days ago

    Network Engineers everywhere trying to find out why this is impressive..Kinda funny to see Linus wonder into my world of I.T. and look like a total noob.

  58. Jeff Hurckes

    Jeff Hurckes19 days ago

    $15k network switch? Laughs in Cisco

  59. Kraze

    Kraze19 days ago

    Linus is this little girl that gets excited too much

  60. zer00rdie

    zer00rdie19 days ago

    I would have made so much use out of this during my LAN parties back in the mid 2000.

  61. Max

    Max19 days ago

    14:24 Jake mid vape rip

  62. Dutch Craft

    Dutch Craft19 days ago

    1:11 don't know what it is but you made it sound so sexy xD

  63. console gang

    console gang20 days ago

    well he’s getting 0 ping

  64. Dope Gamer

    Dope Gamer20 days ago

    idk if its the new cameras or the editing but I dont like how the new vids are turning out. Looks like some chromatic aberration going on is the only way to describe it. Watching on an Asus vg27aq1a

  65. Bryan Lei Porsado

    Bryan Lei Porsado20 days ago

    I got that Dell 750w platinum power supply for 10usd brand new lol, using it to power car amplifier at home, needed one more to double the amps and double the wattage output.

  66. v1m30

    v1m3020 days ago

    Someone tell Linus there is a FastCopy for decades now with plenty of options for it to transfer fast over what ever storage, network etc. you have. Don't bother with Windows copying, what is this? 1995? At least use the newer Windows copying tools which yes still probably aren't GUI and default for the simple dumb drag and drop/copy paste function of Windows.

  67. cake

    cake20 days ago

    when linus tech tips has better wifi then nasa

  68. Dash3k

    Dash3k20 days ago

    Eminem knows networking I guess...

  69. Ross Allen

    Ross Allen20 days ago

    I thought Linus had some Data Centre experience? This is old hardware already.... some of our customers are using Terabit or 400GB/s switches; some of them are complaining about 400GB/s switches interface to interface lag of 0.01 microseconds for trading purposes. I guess for the home user and a USlikes channel this is pretty insane though....

  70. Brendan Lewis

    Brendan Lewis20 days ago

    Get some Mellanox switches, maybe then you can play "Network Engineer".

  71. sid3windr

    sid3windr20 days ago

    "Command line only despite the fact that it's been around forever" - wat? :-)

  72. Video cruzer

    Video cruzer21 day ago

    Chatting about Boxes (20 years ago) at the start of the internet when it really started to take shape the engineers designed Internet Cashing Servers. These Cashing servers were installed in the infrastructure to help minimize DATA between DATA centers. Back then they literally Cashed the most popular Internet sites locally and automatically updated when the Internet sites were updated. To say these were one of the Biggest most Expensive Boxes in Head End Data centers would be an understatement. 1000's and 1000's of Terabytes of Ram, purple, cast aluminum finish (900) cooling manifolds at about 3.5' high is what 6 million bucks got you.

  73. Rocket Moose

    Rocket Moose21 day ago

    The year is 2040 and lmg has just upgraded to terabit ethernet for all editors and writers...

  74. jeremyjw

    jeremyjw21 day ago

    i am un-impressed . create 1,000,000 1kb files , then then tell me how long it takes . i think you'll find it takes a lot longer when it has to take that extra millisecond to start and stop between each file

  75. mhammad alloush

    mhammad alloush20 days ago

    dude linus's team works with large files not small ones. I get that source code can be a bitch to clone but that is obviously not the case.

  76. Voltaire

    Voltaire21 day ago

    HAHAHAHAH ridge wallet so fucking expensive

  77. madgadgetuk

    madgadgetuk21 day ago

    Just saying, but the constant slightly out of focus shots because of the really shallow DOF of your mega high end cameras drive my eyes mad.

  78. YouTube Commenter

    YouTube Commenter21 day ago

    Do this same tech review with Linux over NFS.

  79. ThatOneDarnRaider

    ThatOneDarnRaider21 day ago

    I heard RDMA as RDNA and thought "What does Radeon have to do with any of this?"

  80. Robert R

    Robert R21 day ago

    The embarrassed fiber habitually remain because squid intrinsically smash amid a gaudy romanian. hospitable, juicy change

  81. Mikko Rantalainen

    Mikko Rantalainen21 day ago

    You should use LACP to workstations to get 50 Gbps connections to everybody using two 25 Gbps links in parallel. That also provides link redundancy so you don't lose internet if only one fiber fails.

  82. Aither

    Aither21 day ago

    Its not the final solution, like anything in tech never is. It is just a working and/or great solution, for now.

  83. whiteandnerdytuba

    whiteandnerdytuba22 days ago

    Eazy copy not eazedy copy

  84. Persoana a 3-a

    Persoana a 3-a22 days ago

    Only people who had network bottlenecks can understand why Linus is so amazed. It's freaking amazing, who remembers having and using a 10Mbps Network Switch?

  85. Charles

    Charles22 days ago

    0:15 Linus: I'm really glad we bought it on eBay. CC: I'm really glad we bought Honey badger

  86. David m

    David m22 days ago

    So is all this Uber high end network hardware and personal tap to the exchange all justified by the labor savings since the editors don't have to wait.......?

  87. Some Pineaple

    Some Pineaple22 days ago

    why tf r u using windows server? thats probable slowing you down lmao

  88. E V

    E V22 days ago

    a petabyte of storage and 100 GB transfer to make videos?

  89. Jasper Tutula

    Jasper Tutula22 days ago

    Who else read Nintendo switch not network switch

  90. Vadim Smilansky

    Vadim Smilansky22 days ago

    We make our own custom 100Gbit FPGA NICs and switches here at Ethernity Networks

  91. Dan S

    Dan S22 days ago

    HPE Aruba

  92. Haitham Kombarji

    Haitham Kombarji22 days ago

    But does it make any difference when you run crysis through networking?

  93. Joey Sutter

    Joey Sutter23 days ago

    Your lucky those transceivers work for yah. Usually you have to buy the manufactured transceivers in order for it to work or put in "Unsupported transceiver" option for 3rd party transceivers on the switch and hope it works. Also why not use port-channeling? You can get more performance when you have two fiber links and have redundancy. You guys need a network engineer! ;)

  94. Clarissa 1986

    Clarissa 198623 days ago

    I do run Windows 10 for Workstations on my gaming Desktop too xD But only because I wanted to have ReFS :) Which I use now, in RAID1, to have bitrot protection (yes, I enabled integrity streams via CLI, after creating this storage spaces setup, to make sure each file gets its own checksums and filechecks). This way, I can long term store my data on my system, without having fear about bitrot or drive failure data loss :) I did not need any of those other features, but I wanted to have ReFS support. Because NTFS is absolutely outdated and has no such data protection of this kind at all. And the more personal data I hoard, of family pictures etc. the more I'm concerned about data loss. And no, doing backups does not help in this case. Because yes, I do backups, but still, checking every file for data corruption by hand, becomes crazy task if you have to manage a big amount of data (video and picture). This would mean I had to check every backup copy of every image and clip for errors by hand. And it would take like forever... So I appreciate those new filesystems like ZFS and ReFS for having file integrity checks built in. And since I had to use a Windows system, this was my only option. So I upgraded to Windows 10 for Workstations, without actually needing a workstation OS. I just wanted more data protection :)

  95. Shubham Dev

    Shubham Dev23 days ago

    meanwhile my pc copying from one hard drive to another - 2.5 MB/s

  96. Rob Riker's Tech Channel

    Rob Riker's Tech Channel23 days ago

    You'll never see this message, but a 200 Gbps flow will never work. Your gonna be limited by the physical interface speed of 100Gbps. You can get a logical 200 Gbps LAG, but a max of 100 Gbps/10GB/s data copy rate.

  97. Emerson Jr

    Emerson Jr23 days ago

    The 25 Gbits per second should hit the top at something about 3,125 Gbytes per second, of course RDMA should have some kind of overhead too, but that was freaking awesome anyway, need more of this content, time for a try on remake of the all flash array.

  98. Spector _40

    Spector _4023 days ago

    This video just called me poor in every language

  99. Kaspars

    Kaspars23 days ago

    Linus: We just tra... [buffering video] ... nsferred 100GB o ... [buffering video] ...f dat ... [buffering video] ... a in 20 sec ... [buffering video] ... onds. Me: ** throws out pc the window

  100. heni1233212

    heni123321223 days ago

    I hope this is the last network upgrade and 400G is not going to be necessary. I think that is going to be too expensive even on eBay both the switch and OSFP transceivers

  101. Cøbra Gameplay

    Cøbra Gameplay23 days ago

    that beanie saw it in other vids