The BEST Monitors of 2020 - LG 27GN950 Review

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The LG 27GN950 is a gaming monitor that has it all: 4K, 144Hz, DisplayHDR 600, adaptive sync, and of course, RGB. But is it a better buy than the 240Hz Samsung Odyssey G7? Depends…
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  1. Kris Oddy

    Kris OddyDay ago

    Would you recommend this for me. I’ve just moved from an iMac Pro to a pc build with a 5950x and an 3080 card. I’ll obviously be gaming but my work is photo and video editing. I’m used to the 5k display on the iMac so you think this would be good for my work.. it’s obviously a great gaming monitor with my set up but really my main work is the most important which is photo and video editing I just don’t have the space for separate monitors so wanted something that I could game on as well. HELP.

  2. Sad Rat

    Sad Rat2 days ago

    I wanna know, Whats the best gaming Monitor? Price doesn't matter that much

  3. Kanha Sharma

    Kanha SharmaDay ago

    Samsung odyssey g7

  4. Billy Crowe

    Billy Crowe3 days ago

    Would love to see another vid for more video/photo production people. I see mostly gaming stuff which I personally dont really care about but I love how in depth you get. Thanks guys

  5. punkde

    punkde4 days ago

    Oh wow this is overpowered, better use it now before it gets nerfed!


    HAJAAN4 days ago

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    HAJAAN4 days ago

    Buy From Best Buy - Better Quality & Better Model 27 Inch Curve Gaming Monitor :

  8. ItsGear

    ItsGear4 days ago

    So I will mainly be playing the ps5 with this monitor. The most I am willing to spend is probably 550$. I can’t decide which monitor to go with because of all the options out there. I prefer 27 inch but I don’t mind a little smaller. I don’t love curved monitors. Which do you recommend I really have no idea what to go with because of all of the monitors.

  9. Who Am I??

    Who Am I??5 days ago

    0:32 I think linus is naked Edit : Sorry he wears an underwear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. beef noodles

    beef noodles5 days ago

    he kinda looks good tho

  11. David Anhaght

    David Anhaght6 days ago

    HP Z32 31.5" IPS 4K Ultra HD WLED Display 3840x2160 Anti-Glare 16:9 Black Pearl

  12. stolen RiotPC

    stolen RiotPC7 days ago

    In one year the LTT team became a marketing company

  13. ZeniTh Gaming

    ZeniTh Gaming7 days ago

    Just to make sure cuz im no english dude, we can make it 1440p and even 1080 is needed ? Like if i want to play warzonne highest graphic setting with a decent fps (around 144), i will have to play 1440p (using rtx 3080)

  14. Whoop Whoop

    Whoop Whoop7 days ago

    Why don't they mention watching content as a plus for 4K?

  15. SpartanMatt117

    SpartanMatt1177 days ago

    Im kind of dumb so Im watching this 😂 Im using a tv with my pc rn 💀

  16. Masud Khan

    Masud Khan8 days ago

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  17. Marcus Munn

    Marcus Munn10 days ago

    Love my Ultragear cant go wrong!

  18. Mark W

    Mark W10 days ago

    I'm so excited to get this new monitor and hook it up to one of these new 3080s that are everywhere!

  19. Alaire

    Alaire10 days ago

    Can this monitor do the full 144hz at 4K using HDMI? Or would I need to use a display port

  20. Brez18 Qu

    Brez18 Qu10 days ago

    Will I be fine getting 1080p at 120fps with this on my Xbox One?

  21. Jerome Sebastian

    Jerome Sebastian11 days ago

    niple stick xD

  22. ToastyStrawb

    ToastyStrawb11 days ago

    they sure did update there intro since last time I watched LTT lOl

  23. Phil Campana

    Phil Campana12 days ago

    Misleading title

  24. sathro

    sathro15 days ago


  25. Carcass Grater

    Carcass Grater15 days ago

    "Adding RGB" *Beavis and Butthead giggle*

  26. Pich Oun

    Pich Oun15 days ago

    "what time did i go to buy the monitor?" two hertzy

  27. Rob

    Rob16 days ago

    does James even work for LTT anymore?

  28. CloudsLikeThese

    CloudsLikeThese16 days ago

    Who is this guy? He's awesome.

  29. GaLoS

    GaLoS17 days ago

    Monitors peaked a couple years ago with the acer and asus ultrawides. Displays haven't progressed since!

  30. Jakob George

    Jakob George18 days ago

    I need help from someone I want to buy this pc for Christmas my brother said it’s good and is really good at pc parts but I wanted to hear other people opinions please be honest this is the link

  31. David Reisinger

    David Reisinger19 days ago

    I like this guys voice and hate it all at the same time. I would probably still hang out with him. Linus is the man, but Anthony is an all around legend. Informative video by the way.

  32. Christoph Egger

    Christoph Egger19 days ago

    I am on a pretty tight budget... so would the LG 27GN950 be worth it (because of 4K) or should i rather get the cheaper 27GN850 / 27GL850 instead? Is 4K even a thing for gaming anyway? What game can you truly run at 140fps in 4k? Even with the new gpu generation... this seems to be impossible.. or am i wrong? I am not playing single player games where i would care about immersion, image sharpness and what not. 100% of my games are multiplayer titles like CoD Warzone / Cold War. Is 1440p still the best for gaming? (for lets say the next 1-2 years at least). Or can i buy the 950 to be set for the future and set it to 1440p to get the FPS i need? Or would that come with some huge drawbacks?

  33. frank furr

    frank furr19 days ago

    does this monitor support 120 fps @4K on PS5?

  34. Chencharru Channel

    Chencharru Channel20 days ago

    Hi LTT. Can please review this monitor Armaggeddon Pixxel+ XC27HD SUPER Xtreme Curve Gaming Monitor (27"/165Hz/2ms/G-Sync) [Free HDMI Cable + Mug]

  35. Yuuya Itou

    Yuuya Itou20 days ago

    It may sound dumb but will this be more than enough for the ps5? Even though it only has hdmi 2.0?? Thanks in advance guys

  36. Tech In A Tux

    Tech In A Tux20 days ago

    Is it worth 4k 144hz for RTX 3000 series? Or AMDs BiG Navi lineup if they probably cant even hit 144hz? But im debating on going for it and in FPS Shooters downscaling to 1440p? Would that be better?


    FOXY SKILLS21 day ago


  38. Thomo Clan

    Thomo Clan21 day ago

    your not Linus

  39. Jeremy Reyes

    Jeremy Reyes22 days ago

    Does this support, hdmi 2.1 ?

  40. Whyx Nowx

    Whyx Nowx22 days ago

    I miss new EIZO gaming monitors with 4oo Hz, they had no issues at all

  41. Random DIY

    Random DIY22 days ago

    So I did buy the 27GN950. It looked great for everything I do. However I returned it. It had a real nasty habit of not coming out of sleep mode. Every 24 hours or so it would go into sleep mode and then not wake up. I have a Dell as my secondary monitor and no issues at all. Worked with LG support and no solution was found. They also said it doesn’t have firmware that a user can upgrade. So I wasn’t confident that the issue will ever be resolved and thus sent it back. I did learn two things out of this. 1- 4K is like putting on new glasses. You don’t know what you have been missing until you try it. 2- although 27” sounds large it really isn’t big enough for 4K. I found myself leaning into my desk. The 32 inch size would be the sweet spot for my desk so I’m looking for that in my next monitor.

  42. Tanner Poulis

    Tanner Poulis23 days ago

    I'm interested if it would work with the PS5. That's the main reason for me needing a new monitor.

  43. derek dauzat

    derek dauzat23 days ago

    is there a version of this monitor thats only 60hz for cheaper

  44. Andrew Emmanuel

    Andrew Emmanuel23 days ago

    does with work with the Hp Pavillion gaming laptop?

  45. Arko Singha Roy

    Arko Singha Roy24 days ago

    Why it is not available in India

  46. Vonklinkenhoffn

    Vonklinkenhoffn25 days ago

    I'll be upgrading sometime in December/January. I'm coming from a 24" 1080p 60Hz monitor though, and I've never actually tried 4K or 1440p. Never tried ultrawide or anything above 60Hz either. Sad, I know. My problem now is to know what to go for. I almost never play competitive, I play some single-player games and mostly multiplayer games. I value graphics mostly, I love watching beautiful scenery, however, the smoothness of higher Hz is something I really want to experience, also since I occasionally get into some PVP. I'm also very intrigued by this immersion I hear ultrawide provides. At the same time, I don't want to blow more than 800-900$ on the monitor, since I'm also a VR gamer, and will not be using the new monitor for all my gaming, just the non-VR ones. So in other words, I'm totally lost about what to go for. Any suggestions?

  47. Kionic !

    Kionic !25 days ago

    I punched my monitor and my a hand HZ

  48. Ruby iscute

    Ruby iscute27 days ago

    No one wants a 4k gaming monitor lol

  49. WebDev

    WebDev27 days ago


  50. Wayne Davis

    Wayne Davis27 days ago

    Will a ps5 work with a hdmi2.1 to dp1.4 convertor with monitors like this?

  51. Strike Taing

    Strike Taing28 days ago

    I need a 32 inch

  52. Ross Goosen

    Ross Goosen24 days ago

    LG 32GK950

  53. Sly Tavish

    Sly Tavish29 days ago

    So what's the best 27-34in 1440p 144hz+ 1ms TN panel gaming monitor?

  54. Sawyer Fitzpatrick

    Sawyer Fitzpatrick29 days ago

    RGB being a selling point is just gay af.

  55. Massen M

    Massen MMonth ago

    I stopped half way guy is annoying af!

  56. Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative

    Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creativeMonth ago

    Private internet axe ass

  57. phooogle

    phooogleMonth ago

    Is there a decent 1440p or 4k around 30" at the moment with all these features?

  58. Noctrn

    NoctrnMonth ago

    Can anyone who has actually used one of these comment on whether or not the use of display stream compression at 144 hz 4k on displayport 1.4 is truly visually lossless or not? I have found a lot of arguments on the internet, but it seems that none of those arguing for or against DSC have actually used it before.

  59. Sky Light

    Sky LightMonth ago

    I am looking for a glossy screen monitor. Matt at any price always looks so disgustingly decolorized and blurry to me, any recommendations? Might need to buy a TV screen.

  60. Physics Oscar

    Physics OscarMonth ago

    Yo, your intro is more impressive than the monitor

  61. hunn20004

    hunn20004Month ago

    Hmmm...this...or wait for VR goggles...or rx 6900....

  62. Anej

    AnejMonth ago

    Ok can someone clear this up.. if i have a r9 290 i wont be able to even play league of legends at 144hz unless i upgrade or what

  63. ShanMoney

    ShanMoneyMonth ago

    Soo will Xbox series x be able to go 4k 120hz with the first monitor?

  64. William Vélez

    William VélezMonth ago

    This monitor is good for Xbox series x and ps5?

  65. Ben Sky

    Ben SkyMonth ago

    What would be the best for the next gen consoles?

  66. SuperCelo

    SuperCeloMonth ago

    As a Mac user, I see the term "gaming monitor" as a monitor to connect my Playstation too, not have some sort of monster PC jacked into it. Considering the PS5 is about to come out, which monitor should I buy then?

  67. Xero

    XeroMonth ago

    Should I buy this if I get the Xbox Series X?

  68. Maarten Rottier

    Maarten RottierMonth ago

    So after seeing some benchmarks of the RTX 3080 the newest gpu is not able to game at 4K at 120-144fps right? correct me if im wrong. Does that make ultrawide gaming more interessting at 3840x1600 or 3440x1440 instead of 4K with 80-110 fps because the RTX 3080 cant mantain a stable 120-144fps at 4K? Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!

  69. Blaze

    BlazeMonth ago

    Bruh I can’t find a 144 hz curved moniter 27 inches gsync that’s not over 300 dollars😭

  70. sbowesuk

    sbowesukMonth ago

    Clickbait thumbnail and title. LTT proving they have no class, and will do anything for clicks.

  71. Captain Jink

    Captain JinkMonth ago

    Can the 3080 even run games 4K at 144fps?

  72. ZenO

    ZenOMonth ago

    i just got my rtx3080 yesterday.. i need this monitor, right?

  73. Paul MARTIN

    Paul MARTINMonth ago

    But this monitor is missing HDMI 2.1 for next gen console or I am missing something ?

  74. FreestylerAlbert

    FreestylerAlbertMonth ago

    most important question: is it possible to turn off that crap RGB?

  75. Edragyz

    EdragyzMonth ago

    You better not disappoint me Asus.

  76. Izzy Ace Dolphin

    Izzy Ace DolphinMonth ago

    Does the gtx 1660 suport display stream compression. And if it doesn't what are the limits. Can i run in 1440p with 10 bit color 144hrz. Or will it not do 10 bit, or will it not do 144

  77. Waltergotdrip_ 1

    Waltergotdrip_ 1Month ago

    Does it have Bluetooth????

  78. micah

    micahMonth ago

    I can't wait for 1440p OLED monitors to become the norm (with the necessary GPU power being the norm too).

  79. Feuchte Klinge

    Feuchte KlingeMonth ago

    Does this mean i can also use this Monitor at 1440p with 144hz without any problems?

  80. THEMaNIsWOrTHit

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitMonth ago

    bruh moment

  81. C J

    C JMonth ago

    You had me at nipple stick.

  82. Gabriel

    GabrielMonth ago

    Anyone got the samsung g7 32inch?? How is??

  83. Kosky

    KoskyMonth ago

    It is missing the most important thing: Being 16:10.

  84. Hansel Law

    Hansel LawMonth ago

    No HDMI 2.1 = unpog

  85. Emre

    EmreMonth ago

    Would this be recommended for the PS5? Thanks in advance for the reply, if possible of course.

  86. Connor Yancy

    Connor YancyMonth ago

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  87. SubZero On iPad

    SubZero On iPadMonth ago

    I should have know that they would be recommending $800+ monitors after I clicked on a Linus Tech Tip video

  88. thegrimcrimson

    thegrimcrimsonMonth ago

    Pc gamers good hardware however monitors are lacking.

  89. thegrimcrimson

    thegrimcrimsonMonth ago

    Might as well buy a 4k tv for these prices.

  90. TechGoggles

    TechGogglesMonth ago

    When they say on our unit, you know they got a premium unit

  91. Nick Dukeman

    Nick DukemanMonth ago

    True, but Optimum Tech said the same thing in his review, and he bought his with his own money.

  92. 1911doc

    1911docMonth ago

    HELP! 2 days ago I bought this monitor and after 5 minutes of use I noticed something weird. I upgraded my "old" LG 27UL850 with this new LG 27GN950 and immediately noticed some very subtle horizontal lines/banding. And the weird part is that those lines are not all the time visible but most of the time they are...They include in the box 5k DP cable, tomorrow getting new 8k cable to see if that will help, also tried all the different connections and ports, updated monitors drivers and my gpu drivers,tried all LG software for this monitor and nothing... Does anyone has any idea what that could be? Or I just wasted my 950€?

  93. Hanndrius

    HanndriusMonth ago

    LG34GN850 or MSI OPTIX MPG341CQR? Aesthetically I prefer the LG, but the MSI has a VA panel ...

  94. ashiha

    ashihaMonth ago

    Why do none of the reviewers on youtube ever discuss black uniformity or IPS glow?

  95. Nick Dukeman

    Nick DukemanMonth ago

    Hardware Unboxed does!

  96. Kris Williams

    Kris WilliamsMonth ago

    My laptop only has 2.1ghz CPU 😭😭😭 it can barely run zoom nevermind stream my Xbox That’s why I’m here.

  97. NamikazeNC

    NamikazeNCMonth ago

    what are the specs if im using a ps4 on this? ps5 next then pc one day. im curious

  98. eaglesallday8o8

    eaglesallday8o8Month ago

    Doesn’t matter for ps4 but you’ll see performance on ps5 and pc

  99. Johnsue Rivera

    Johnsue RiveraMonth ago

    This or the Acer predator CG7 Hmmmm.

  100. Elestro Air-soft

    Elestro Air-softMonth ago

    Well, first bench-vids on the RTX 3080 has shown an FPS from 50-80 FPS in most games (racing games not included)

  101. Zlord

    ZlordMonth ago

    "Only 1440p" Me who only recently upgraded to 1080p: Pfffffffft, pathetic.

  102. ivartheboneless

    ivarthebonelessMonth ago

    Hey guys i'm looking to buy a monitor (4k preferably) to get back into gaming. I was a huge RTS nerd growing up and i'd like to play some Starcraft, Anno series, Age of Empires and overall perhaps 80% RTS and 20% racing and old FPS (Battlefield1? :) ) games. What would be the best option available, as of now, oct 2020, money not being a consideration, since i'd like to make a top of the line rig to enjoy my last gaming years lol. I'm looking into 27"- 36" range, i don't actually know if the 27" 4k or the smaller res 34-36" widescreen would be a better bet? ive seen a range of monitors in shops but couldn't decide on it. Thank you

  103. Jason Nguyen

    Jason NguyenMonth ago

    Hi Tobey Maguire

  104. Orion Pleiades

    Orion PleiadesMonth ago

    It appears there will not be enough reasonably priced options for new 4k at 120 fps TV's and monitors that will be compatible and include all the new necessary features for the new consoles and new GPU's at 4k at 120 fps. Are there any new TV's and monitor options that will become available soon ... THIS YEAR??? It just sucks to spend all that money on new consoles and GPU's when there's just not very many good options for a reasonably priced TV or monitor to go with to tap all those new features. I wish the consoles and GPU's came with bundle options with new HDMI 2.1 TV and monitor options.

  105. 佐藤海翔

    佐藤海翔Month ago

    responce time still not 1ms

  106. Warin Maletswa

    Warin MaletswaMonth ago

    Now a lot of people have been upset because this monitor doesn't have hdmi 2.1 Yeah it seems bad but I'd bet that this would still be good enough for next gen consoles If it's good enough for an RTX 3090 which is way more powerful than both the next gen consoles combined I don't see how this couldn't handle em

  107. Christian05

    Christian05Month ago

    Would this be good to buy for the upcoming ps5 or xbox series x???

  108. Weston Starke

    Weston StarkeMonth ago

    Hopefully it works lmao

  109. Weston Starke

    Weston StarkeMonth ago

    I did